What To Do If You Love To Salsa

Salsa is very addictive but often difficult to control. It can trigger some strong feelings and strong feelings can trigger some strong responses. And it is also very enjoyable. So, if you love to dance in salsas, dance freely. If you are able to keep the dance going for much longer, your heart and mind will be at peace — which is the goal of health and wellness. You can dance more and you can learn to relax your body.

And with that, let’s move on to something a bit more interesting.

This one has been waiting a very long time, but I finally had a day — or two, or three — where I could actually sit down to write this blog without my mind going all over the place, either because I was trying not to think, or my brain was getting too caught up in the details and was not able to focus on the main message. The result was, I managed to actually get a lot of important things, from how I feel about life, to the big question I asked in the intro and to the “essay” in the middle, out there in the open. And for this, I am very grateful!

I wanted to get this post out there, even though it does have the potential to be controversial given that it is based on just a couple of short, simple sentences, and yet I believe the message is very important.

I think it is the best day of my life. I did not plan a lot of it, but I was fortunate enough to be with a couple of friends — including my oldest son — and the last 24 hours have been so amazing!

First: How I Feel About My Life

For the first part, I want you to really take in what I am going to say in the context of all my other words and thoughts, and the context of all the other good, wonderful people that have helped me in my journey. But I want you also to consider the words which are coming in the second half of this post and think about how they will make you feel.

When you read this, please keep in mind that there are two things that you need to bear in mind: One, that your life is just beginning. It has only one day left. It has already started. And two, that I am one of those people who, even though I say that I need space to think and that I am tired of people talking to me about things, I also need to know that these things are not going away. So that I feel in my bones that all the good things in my life are worth bearing, even if I sometimes don’t feel like I have had enough time to experience them. That I haven’t had as much time as I should for my health, for my relationship, for my work, for my children, and certainly not enough time to experience love, compassion, and joy. Love, compassion, and joy are my life, and now, as I write this, I am just beginning to see it. I am in love. I am in joy. I am in peace.

How I Feel About my Life Right Now

Today, I have so many of the good things in my life. I’m healthy. I’m working. I’m with my family. I’m not doing all of the things I did in high school and college, but I am doing some of them! I am doing well! I am a great parent. I am living and loving. I am happy! I am free.

This is me.

As I thought about all of the joy and happiness I am experiencing right now, I started thinking about the days when I didn’t have so many of those things. As I was sitting with a friend this evening at a bar, I took note of a time in my past, when I was sad and lonely and just had not a lot going for me. Today is the day when those things didn’t exist for me. Today we are in better, deeper, deeper places.

It is funny how I feel right now. I feel like I am going to start falling apart in a matter of days, when I get the next round of colds as my body gets sick more and more. I am going to start getting all kinds of trouble for my kids. I am going to get sick. There are going to be many bad days in between. And the good days will happen.

Today has been a great day for me. It started with a very good feeling.