What To Do When You Can’t Make Your Own Food

I don’t have much to say about eating well for people with dietary needs, yet I can talk a lot about eating well for yourself.

A simple, but powerful food is your kitchen sink. We all have our go-to meals that we like to eat over and over again. Food is like a comfort blanket. Every day, we want something different to give us this feeling of being satiated. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, something new and different is needed every day because the brain has such a difficult time adjusting at the end of each meal.

If you feel the need to make a change in your cooking, but are not entirely sure about the best way to do it and don’t feel comfortable about ordering from Trader Joe’s, there are many things you can do.

First off, if you’ve made your changes. If your food has become more like food you would eat at your local grocer, but without the health risks, you’re in good shape: you’ve found your comfort food.

Make it easy for yourself by using recipes you know your taste buds will love. Make sure you make a few so you’ll have a few good ones. Then, come up with a few you don’t and experiment. If it’s a delicious new dish you’ve never tried before, you’ll have your own taste bud friendly food.

If you haven’t changed your food yet, and you’re not afraid to get creative, you could try:

Cooking for two.

Using a slow cooker for easy meal-prep.

Cooking with a few simple ingredients in a slow cooker.

Use a few different flavors for some delicious combinations.

Use a few simple techniques like slow cooking so you can taste the different components of the food.

Use a slow cooker to make meatloaf!

Cook in the crock pot for a variety of easy meals and take it to work.

The recipe above is easy to make.

Try to use ingredients you know everyone in your house (housemates, children, parents, pets, etc) can eat. Cooking takes a lot of brain power so you don’t want to force something if only a few people love it.

One of the greatest advantages of meal prep for us people with food allergies is that we can have our dinner ready when we get home from work. A healthy meal will make the body feel better after work, not sick. Try to include some high quality foods that are also the perfect way to get your dog, cat, ferret or other pets to eat.

Also, try cooking your own meals on an empty stomach. You don’t have to put anything down so you’ll feel more prepared when you go to get the food out.

Try it for a couple of weeks, and you’ll see that it’s a way of life.