What To Do When Your Health Hurts You

Why do people who know better struggle with weight loss when they have the same medical conditions as the rest of us? The answer is simple! Most people don’t think about these things! Here is a very simple solution: Eat less and move more.

If I were in an elevator, all of the sudden I realized I was in a body that was too large for the elevator. I was in no way comfortable on the elevator as the air was rushing in and out all around me, and I was getting dizzy. I immediately felt my head start to hurt and I looked around frantically for someone, anyone, to tell me what to do. My mind went to the top floors and there, just above and in front of me was a small elevator shaft with two doors that led away from the building. I realized it would be the best place for me to go because I would know that there would be no one else around there. I walked across the street and took the shortest route to reach the elevator. I had the sense that there was someone with me who was helping me in figuring out exactly how to reach the elevator door. I saw a tall and thin man sitting on a bench in a doorway and I felt my knees buckle and I knew that I was going to fall on the floor. I stood up slowly as I heard him say “Sorry babe, you are going to fall on the floor and that isn’t going to be fun and it’s going to hurt.” When I made it to the elevator I started at the top door and walked slowly down to the bottom door. I opened the door slowly and the man in the doorway smiled and walked behind me.

He closed the door quickly behind me. It was like he couldn’t stand the pressure of standing there and letting me fall. The elevator doors automatically opened and he and I sat behind one. I looked at his face and said “Thanks. I need someone to help me move.”

His smile grew. I knew where the lift was and he asked me where I was going to be going. I took a deep breath and I said that my legs just weren’t working right and that I needed someone to help me.  He told me that they were busy and that it was probably something that they could get started on immediately. I went on and said that it was a very bad condition and that I needed them to get started right away. He told me that there was one on the way and that I would have it to myself for about 30 minutes. I thanked him so much and I let him know that I knew that I could always use the help of someone.

The elevator doors shut with a bang and I heard a car horn go off inside. When the doors opened again I was standing on a lift shaft, on a different floor, in the company of another patient. I told him about my situation and he said that he could take me down but that he would have to pay for the cost of a car rental. I told him that I didn’t need a car and that I needed someone to pick me up and that I told him that I didn’t need help and that I was fine and that he should come up to the roof. He told me that he and my nurse are looking for a ride down to the ground floor. I knew that they would be there but I wasn’t really sure when. I told him that I would be glad to give him a ride down to see if I could get down. My nurse had told me that I couldn’t get down because there was a man sitting on the floor with me yelling out his wife’s name. He was very angry if we didn’t tell him the name of my sister and that he would kill us both if we don’t go down to the basement. It was very strange and a little scary but I didn’t think it was a good idea to tell him. I said that if it would make him feel better then I was willing to go down but if not then that would be fine too. He said in a very stern tone that he couldn’t afford to lose any of his money so I wouldn’t have to go down.

I told him that I didn’t care and that I needed the lift. He again told me that he had a car and asked if I could have it, to which I said that I couldn’t afford a car with the money that I had and that I needed help going back up to the top floor. He again told me that no need to worry about that and he knew a woman who could help me and that I could get rides from that woman and that I would be safe.

I still wasn’t completely sure about doing this so I stood still and waited for him to finish telling me what to do. I heard him yelling at a woman in the other room to call up the elevator.