What To Know When You’re Having A Breakdown

We don’t have to be depressed to have a breakdown. Most cases are associated with a disruption in mood. The key is to recognize symptoms and get help right away. The best way to treat depression is with prescription antidepressants that may have the additional benefit of improving mental clarity, especially during the days leading up to and following an episode of depression.

Sometimes people have a hard time getting out to a doctor. If you are having symptoms, one way to start getting a handle on your situation is to ask a question about what might be going on. There are numerous websites and apps you can try to find your answers. Here are a couple quick links you might find helpful for a few questions when your troubles seem like they might stem from a mental health issue: (This link will get you to a great page dedicated to the questions that can answer what is going on with you.

In addition, we have another blog post about asking for what you need as well

What to do in the hours and days leading up to a breakdown

The days leading up to your breakdown are most important. Your mental well-being depends on having a strong support system. You can help yourself and your friends by making an effort to go to therapy or get help on your own. When the bad times come to be, you can take your mind off them, take a break from the day, and then return to your routine. This gives your body time to come back to a baseline. When you return to your routine, you should start feeling better.

Here is our list of the top 5 tips for dealing with a breakdown:

– Do something different when you’re going through it.

– Start with the things you can control – your schedule, who you’re around, etc .

– Go to therapy the day before if you can

– Find some good, safe friends to spend time with.

– Find a good workout buddy

РGo for a run, play an engaging game like League or a board game or do some meditative breathing exercises.  You can do these at home or in the gym.

There are a lot of things you won’t be able to do or can’t do well when you are sick. If you are struggling, start a recovery program and take care of yourself. Do not wait for the times when you are sick to start making your life better. You may have to take care of yourself right away in order to make yourself better. You will be surprised how much you improve while you do this, and will also have more mental clarity when you are no longer sick or battling depression.

Also, you can take advantage of therapy to keep yourself from succumbing to a suicidal depression again. There is a lot of help on how to handle your depression and to deal with stress.

Remember all of this is just something you can do to help yourself when you’re going through a breakdown, but not a cure if you are suffering from it. As you can guess, some tips to keep the bad times of depression from taking over your life again.

What should you do in the days after something has broken down? The weeks later can be even more difficult but the day after is when you can really get your life back together. There are a lot of ways to keep yourself busy in the days after your breakdown.

– Start a new workout from scratch

– Write down all the ways you can cope with stress and depression – how you can work on your relationship with your work, or how you can work on your home life, or how you can make it easier for your child.

– Take a deep breath and sit down. Take your time, relax.

– Write down the steps that you need to take to get back on track.

– Remember, even though you are sick for a while, you have a lot of health care insurance (and most health care policies cover mental health too.)

– Find a way to get your job back, if you are able to.