What Will Happen If You Say No To Everything?

There is no such thing as being too busy. No one has to tell you otherwise.

Do you remember when you were first asked to leave the room? At first you may have looked at the hostess or the bellman nervously to see what was going on, but then you must have shrugged and walked away. If the person was polite, you may have been allowed to stay. And that’s okay — just be grateful. Because time goes by so quickly these days, every minute counts. It’s the same in the world of mental health.

You need to take time to talk with someone.

You may be wondering what this has to do with being tired and unable to stay focused on work, even during the busiest times of the day. Well, sometimes the person in that waiting room wants to talk to you. You need to take some time to ask if they’d be interested. You could try to keep the conversation brief, but you do need to talk about yourself a little. And not just for the sake of getting to know one another, but for the sake of your ability to do your job effectively.

If there’s any chance that the person could get help, it’s in you not just refusing them help, but by not taking it. You just want the help — don’t believe anyone who says that you just don’t care. You have been through enough and are in no pain.

If you feel like you just don’t want to talk to someone, that it’s all about being lazy, that you just don’t want to waste precious energy, then take that energy and use it. Talk your way out of it, try not to think of how it makes you seem like a loser. Then take a deep breath and focus on the problem you have, and try not to give up.

If there’s anyone in the room who seems to be the type who is in pain, take it off their shoulders and find out what’s wrong. This person may have a few questions for you, too.

If the meeting is at their place, and they are the one dealing with your issue, or are the person with problems, help is available to them. Your office may be equipped for this, and it’s time to learn what’s available there. If you’re stuck, and you need something from them, just ask. If they say no, that’s fine — just understand that they don’t want you to know about it.

Don’t worry about the “conversation” that may ensue, just stay focused on the problem at hand and take some time to work on it. It’s okay if the meeting is a little awkward, and you are the first one there.

If you have a problem, and you’re tired, it’s hard to focus. It can be a slow burn, and that can make you feel like you’re on the edge. But trust yourself — it’s not the end, and nothing is irreparable. If you can work it back into your life, you can work that out.

It’s okay if you have to talk, even if you are tired. Just trust yourself and take some time to just be you. Just get your shit together and talk to someone.

When you are feeling down, talk to someone. Even someone who doesn’t know you well. Take it slow and don’t try to hurry things up. Take your time, talk to your friends or your family, and do it well. You can even use this time to call someone you haven’t talked with in a while — you might be surprised at what they have to say.

Sometimes it helps just to try and focus your mind on something. If you are feeling depressed, see a friend.