What Would It Be Like To Be Happy Forever?

Many of us live our lives as if we will be happy all our lives, which is why it is so important for us to make a conscious effort to find the way that feels right to us in our own bodies and mind.

Many of us also enjoy things that feel like “solutions” to our problems, yet we are constantly looking for “solutions” to our issues instead of taking the time to look at what is wrong. This has been a major reason for many of my clients’ anxiety issues. So let’s take a look at some other ways that we may be feeling like we don’t have a control over how we think and feel.

We may think that the world is out to get us. It is easy to think that what is going on around us is what is behind the doors and the cameras. It’s easy to think that we have nothing to lose, and that we could be “wiped out” at any moment, even if things seem to be going okay.

We may believe that we will never have a relationship that we truly love, or that we will never feel completely at home either in a relationship or with people in general.

We may actually believe that we will be the exception to the rule where everything is going great and that, with the right treatment and a little more work on what we have already done, everything will be fine.

Many of us also feel alone in the world.

We may have heard about our own inner world. I am sure you think of an image or a sound, a feeling, or a thought that is familiar. Maybe we think about a memory or thought that is different. Maybe there is a question we cannot seem to escape or something that reminds us we are not what we thought we were. Sometimes it is more difficult to find the right words to express what feels so strange.

We may believe that we can’t really love other people, but we are afraid that maybe someone that we love is just afraid of us. We may feel lonely and disconnected because we have never felt as “close” as we would like to feel with someone we love.

We may believe that we will never feel comfortable in our own skin and live our lives with no scars.

We may believe that we should live our lives without any feelings of guilt because we know that everyone will have issues with us. Maybe we believe that we should be “caring” so much or that we should be “trying.”

Maybe we are afraid to tell ourselves the truth about how we are feeling because we do not want to “give in” or “give up” to “suck it up.”

We may experience self-blame for feeling the way we do. We might question our choices and our actions. We have internalized a lot of negative things about ourselves. We may have been told it is better to be unhappy and “just be” instead of trying to love people or wanting to love people. We have given up our power when it comes to being able to change and change our thoughts and behaviors.

We may think that by trying harder, we could be more like someone else. We may feel that if we are trying too hard, if we are feeling certain ways, we may not be like them, so that by trying harder, we will not be like them anyway. Or maybe we would rather be a “better person” because if we become a person who is like someone else, who is happy, we won’t have been able to love.

We may blame ourselves for not having the same abilities as someone else.