What Would Jesus Eat?

This is really a question that you don’t want to ask your mother at Thanksgiving. She is about two seconds from you, ready to say what you are about to hear. Then, her throat closes, and she is in your face, mouth full, tongue out; her eyes are focused on your face, her hands clasped, one on the table, one pressed against the tabletop, one on your stomach. For maybe ten seconds, then the sound of a fork breaking over bread as the turkey is served, and she is gone.

The question is: “When did God make you?” You may feel this question is unfair, or maybe you are just annoyed, but that is no reason to avoid it. “When did He make you?” is a great question to ask yourself or anyone who may be curious — for as long as there has been life on Earth. I’ve used this question for years. Just as a parent might ask “When did you start walking” or “When did you try to ride a bike?” The answer is always the same. God has made me; it can be taken as a compliment or a challenge. It is the “when” question in a way. Why is this? Because God is not limited by time, space, geography, or anything else. He is infinite in all ways. No one else, not even you, can make a decision over His heart, His mind, His intellect, or His strength. What you can do as a human being are choices. I am going to challenge you to say when did You decide to eat that hamburger at McDonald’s. If you can’t do it right now, then please, please, don’t waste your time. I can imagine the look on your face. After all, it is what God would do.

Forget God made me. I didn’t make “me”. God made something far less tangible. I have decided that something. God created the universe, and so I believe in and accept it as “me”. I believe in it. I believe I have the authority and capacity to make my own decisions, to make myself into the person I am going to become. God created my body, He created my emotions, perceptions, and ideas about myself, and he left me the ability to make those decisions. That is why I call myself a Christian; I accept God and Jesus into my soul and myself, and I believe I have the ability to love God and love myself and my fellow human beings.

In many circles, you may hear the phrase “God does not make mistakes”. This expression is often used sarcastically, as if to say, “I don’t believe in a God who makes mistakes”. However, if a mistake could be a defining characteristic of God, then He could not have done so well. The statement “God does not make mistakes” doesn’t mean that He doesn’t make mistakes; it means that God cannot create mistakes. A child makes a mistake on a test. Someone makes a mistake in a relationship. A doctor makes a mistake with your blood pressure. A car driver makes a mistake when you hit the gas. These things can and usually have the same outcome: you get in an accident. God cannot create an accident that could end in death . An injury that could end life. A mistake that could hurt you. A mistake that could change your life and its meaning. The most important aspect of God is His love. We love God for the reasons God gave us to love Him: in Himself, with all His glory, and through Him and in Him . That is why Jesus died – in order that we might be in love with Him . The God of the Bible, and of all of the Abrahamic faiths, had very limited, but extremely powerful abilities. His love made Him a miracle worker.

God created us; we must be patient. The best thing to do is to wait and give God time to do your every need. There is a Biblical saying from the Gospel of John: We love God; God we believe and hope to be glorified.

We must know more about each God. You may be surprised at how much you already know about some of Gods attributes.

How do I determine which God is important to me? Is it easier to learn about God through my prayer or my scripture?

It is often better to pray to God. I am not saying that your God is wrong.