What Would You Do If Everyone You Knew Could See Your Face?

Are you worried that someone is about to get jealous on the bus, get on the wrong train or just plain stare at you everywhere – your entire life? There could be a very good reason for you to find yourself the target of jealousy in public and a new survey says some people are about to find themselves in a situation much like this for the first time.

In 2002, I began to receive requests from people I rarely see anymore to help them figure out how to best handle jealousy. This turned out to be a problem because I was the one person who could help them and they had no idea I worked with people who can help them with this. As a result, I started taking the surveys on jealousy and I discovered that, in many situations, people had no idea how to help themselves in situations where they might find something being looked at or said about them in public to be extremely disturbing. (I am not being creepy.

What I discovered was that, in spite of the fact that we might find ourselves with some serious issues we had no idea how they related to a problem we could potentially have over jealousy. This lead to the birth of my book , ‘Jealousy 101: A Complete Guide to Making the Most of the Fear and Uncomfortable’.)

As I said, I’m not being creepy. I want to help people who have problems with this in their lives. I also believe people should find the best, most helpful person to help them sort through their relationship issues. You can call that person or do it the old fashioned way (like sending me an email at But, if you’d like, I’ll be happy to help you out as well.

So, for the new readers who might, like me, have been asking for help sorting out how you or your girlfriend or boyfriend deals with jealousy in public, check out the book. You’ll learn how to work out ways to reduce your problems, as well as how to deal with jealousy in public. But the fact is that it can’t help you if you don’t find someone to help you. The only way you’ll really know if I’m the best person for the job is to talk to me.

A little about me…

My name is Jared. I live in San Francisco California. I’m a freelance web developer and I have a blog at which I’ve been writing about jealously since 2000. I’m known for telling anyone who will listen how to help themselves with jealousy. (See ‘Why I’m Writing About it’ for more about me.)

I’ve done this for quite some years now but I only just put up a new version of it. I’ve updated the content so that I didn’t just re-hash things I’ve written about in the past but I went through all of my previous articles and added new content.

I believe that for someone who needs a help is best. I am not looking for anyone to make you feel bad about yourself. People have a choice. I don’t think anyone should be feeling guilty for what jealousy can do to your confidence and self-esteem. When you come to me, I will help you deal with it.