What You Need To Know About Being A Better Parent

When you lose sight of what makes you special, you become less than you were meant to be… and eventually it’s too late.

A true parent has empathy, understanding and sensitivity tempered with a dose of courage. A parent is responsible for protecting and nurturing their child until they turn 18 years old. We as parents are often criticized for our lack of discipline, for not having “enough” discipline and for overreacting to our kids’ actions; however, discipline and overreaction are two of the most important and difficult tools in a parent’s arsenal. Discipline does not only affect how you feel about yourself. It affects how you communicate with, understand and help improve your children.

You might never realize what you’re missing and therefore, how much your parenting is lacking until things are at a boiling point. Your children are at a stage where parents who have never had the opportunity do not know what to say.

It’s the perfect time for parents to start being honest with themselves, and I promise you it will be a whole lot easier if you start today.

“The child is a person to be respected”

“What the child requires is protection”

“The child requires an adult who is capable, willing and able to work actively toward an appropriate response”

“The child will need to hear things which are not of his/her culture or language”

“The child will also need to hear about things which he/she considers shameful”

“What the child requires is to be taught about the feelings and needs of other people, and taught to respect other people’s feelings”

“What the child requires is to learn how to respect one’s own feelings.”

“What the child requires is to become confident with oneself, to know one’s self, to understand one’s feelings and to care for them.”

“What the child requires is to not use one’s own experiences or emotions to dominate or take control of the situation”

“What the child requires is to be aware of the feelings of others and to be sensitive to their needs and feelings.”

“What the child requires is to be self-respecting and not to be self-centred.”

How did you feel? Did you miss something? Did you make a mistake? Maybe you didn’t mention something. Don’t worry! Now is the time to say something, make a difference and learn from it.

“What the child requires is for parents to find ways of making parents’ lives and work less boring, less stressful and more fun.”

“What the child requires is for parents to learn and teach what kind of relationship children can have with their parents.”

“What the child requires is that children learn how to work with, not without, adults”   

“What the child requires is to have parents who listen to them, and are sensitive to the child and respond to the child’s needs quickly and appropriately.”

How do you show your compassion for another human being?

1. By being compassionate and loving.  

Your kid comes to you asking for your help and your child’s need you;

By giving a gift when someone asks for one,

By helping out as a parent is asked when something needs doing,

Even when a stranger comes to you in need, you do it for the person, and not because you are trying to prove that you’re not a bad parent.

2. By giving and giving and giving away something that goes beyond your own needs.

For example, when your child says they’re tired, they might not want to stop for coffee or dinner, but they need something to do. Make sure you don’t end up with a free cup of coffee or a meal, and that you’re really giving something to someone who needs something in return.

3. By being self-effacing.