What You Need To Know About Eating For Weight Loss

I am in a relationship where we’re trying to lose weight. She’s the only one who understands the reasons, it’s about the calories, the macros, the macro ratios, and everything that comes with it.

I would be lying if I told you that the reason I was getting into my car every other day and heading down the street to the supermarket, eating more and more (insert fast food item here) was to lose weight. The reason? It was about enjoyment. I did it because it was something new. It was a challenge. It was something I enjoy. When it’s a pleasure for you in food, it feels good. It’s a great exercise. In some ways, I feel healthier than I have in a long time. I’ve found that if you eat lots of food, and you eat it properly, you will lose weight.

This is a blog for everyone who is trying to lose weight and stay the same weight as you are now, or if you are trying to keep weight off even if that means you are getting smaller, or if you’re trying to maintain a certain weight. If you like blogs that are filled with food photos and healthy tips, this is the blog for you. There is no “right” way of eating and there is no “wrong” way of eating, just right for you. I try to be as helpful as possible, but I’m sure there is something you could do better and have me answer your questions. Please leave me comment if you have any questions or concerns.

Here is a list of things I would like to tell you about my journey and diet.

The main goal was to lose 5lbs a week for a while.

The process was a bit more than a week, but not really. Most of my progress came on Mondays, with one or two days on the weekends. I found that having two of every day of the week to eat healthy and have fun is very beneficial. This also saved me hours on the weekends where I would be working in the evening due to his “other responsibilities” that the parents of our friends would be taking on, so I could be home cooking.

Here is my timeline to stay the same weight.

I started eating clean about week 3. There were several weeks we were “in the red” in terms of nutrition and getting too much of the wrong kind of food, but I kept reminding myself that if I just go back to the basics of health and fitness, I can do it. I was doing the math.  

I would eat mostly chicken and fish because they were cheaper and I could find them almost every grocery store was “on sale”. I also would buy lots of vegetables and fruits because they were often cheaper there as well. As the month progressed and I continued this, we did end up adding more foods. We’d stop out for a sandwich or a few veggies and that would be it.  

The main reason for this was to try and keep the calories in proportion to the amount we were eating, since I am a “calorie counter.” Our typical meal would consist of :

– Two chicken breasts

– Two large steaks, half a cup of fat, and ½ cup of lean.

– One cup of pasta.

– One medium avocado to replace one of the steaks. 

– One piece of lean cheese.

– Five almonds. 

– Five eggs.

– Two large bananas.

We ate a lot of pizza, so we added grilled chicken to that as well.

One or Two days I would get to the point where I could’t eat any more and I would call it quits. I would eat a normal diet until then.  

We ended up getting a large grocery store and started grocery shopping there. There are a lot of different grocery stores in the Houston area, so it wasn’t too bad to get around. We are also still in our first year of getting to know each other better, which added extra stress and stress eating in general.