What You Need To Know About Exercise And Your Health

This short documentary focuses on our collective obsession with fitness and exercise and highlights a range of misconceptions and misconceptions about what it actually involves.

At the end of the day, I think it is important to remember we all come from the same body and we all have the same number of the same basic organs. In fact, we all live inside an incredibly complex machine that depends upon the complex interactions of an almost endless variety of factors. For this reason, a well balanced body is essential to any successful person. Because of this, it’s imperative we all have a good understanding of the benefits, risks, and consequences of how our bodies are affected by exercise. Even if we live a very sedentary lifestyle, we still need to make sure our bodies are in good physical shape. Just because someone is physically fit, doesn’t mean they are healthy. I know many people who live to be 70 years old, yet have a variety of health challenges.

We’ve all seen the ads and heard the lies that try and convince us about their fitness regimens. In reality, I have witnessed and done a number of things myself that do not help me attain those unrealistically thin body types that are portrayed in the fitness community. I’ve even had the opportunity to help a few different clients achieve their goal of a slimmer and firmer body. This was simply my personal experience; however, it’s important to note that I was not specifically targeted by the fitness industry because of my weight. There are many people out there living healthy lives who do not believe in trying to lose weight. People in the fitness industry should realize that their clients are out there exercising and striving for self improvement, not trying to build a bigger and firmer pair of biceps.

The more we learn about what goes into actually achieving a fit, healthy body, the better we will be able to navigate the physical and psychological barriers placed in front of us. A healthy body is not an impossible to achieve goal, but it takes hard work, dedication, and dedication to do so. If you are not in a healthy body now, then no amount of body shaping surgeries, diets, and supplementation can help you achieve a healthier shape that will last you for decades to come. Remember, fitness is for everyone and does not require you to be a competitive athlete or have a large ego. Fitness is ultimately not about winning, only being healthy.

How’s life been so far? I was blessed with the gift of getting older to have a body of my choice, but at the same time I know the reality is that for the vast majority of my life I was told I was too fat for some part of my life. This is a hard thing for me to believe, because I never wanted a large, sloppy, or bloated body. I could have been a successful, happy, and whole person; instead, I spent my life fighting an unwinnable battle. The fact that I’m standing outside of this hospital today due to cancer and still here today at 70 years old shows how far I’ve come and the level of perseverance I’ve kept over the years. If I could take back the memories of my life, I’m sure I would. It doesn’t have to be this way for other people to be strong. I am proud to be an inspiration to my fellow soldiers and the people in this world struggling with health issues due to their body mass index. Life is filled with hardships, but no situation is ever hopeless. This reality has been in reality for some very long time. There are times and situations where the road back out is long and winding, but with a constant determination to stay positive and to focus in on what is most important in a crisis, we all reach the end. Even though this isn’t the time to show up to work, to finish up my last few assignments for the semester, or to give out final grades, my thoughts are with all of you out there. I’m sorry for my long journey back to my health and peace of mind.