What You Need To Know About Exercise To Get In Shape

We all need balance, but too many runners are always running and not looking at the details. Once runners pay to be assessed as if they were being treated for physical or mental conditions. Instead of treating a common and self inflicted injury as something to be done away with, they will be encouraged to take care as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. This will go above and beyond the bare minimum of treatments required to prevent injury or enhance performance. These trainers will take the time to understand how your body will react to certain exercise, and have the knowledge to make the exercise process fun by using the best gear and nutrition.

In the past I have advised runners who had injured their backs, necks or knees to take a yoga class, but more recently I’ve started advising them to run. As runners and trainers we seem to look at every injury the same way. We look at it as a failure of willpower, body or training. Yet as we walk through a training plan, every situation, every race, is very different. I like the fact that the yoga programs don’t seem to be limited to yoga pants and the various variations of yoga. They are much more holistic and allow you to experience the benefits of running through their various styles.

Running can be painful and it may feel easy. Running is also about the “go.” You are not in charge, this is your goal, your destination, your goal. That, of course, can be hard and scary when we are young, but once we settle down and practice, once we’ve trained, we can embrace the discomfort. We know how to do this and we don’t have to explain it. We can go through with it. There are plenty of ways to run that allow us to enjoy their pain, and that is the magic of running. 

At the beginning of 2015 I started using yoga as part of my training. In the beginning when I took the first class with the instructor, I could tell I was ready. I took the advice I was given about flexibility and started running on a regular basis. My back felt better and I started feeling a lot more optimistic about my running future.

My goal is to run a marathon in 2015, and by getting to this point, some of the things you need to know. I am a fitness instructor who offers a yoga program from November to April and runs the class six days a week. I’m able to run in the mornings (or even if you are feeling a bit sluggish), because my yoga classes tend to be run on the weekends or during the evening. Some days have as many as two classes, so you could even come to me for a full day of running or you could take the yoga class every day.

Some of the main points to know when starting yoga classes include:

1. When you see someone in a yoga class, you want to join them! (I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. This is my secret weapon). It’s difficult to get into a class when there are many people in it. To help in this matter, I often write signs all over the door directing all who walk in to my class. If there are no sign, please enter the door with an intent to join me. If you are coming for an hour and you see many women in a session, I may ask you to wait a bit and then invite you to join.

2. If you’ve never taken yoga before, don’t think you have to stick to the one style. I’m a beginner and sometimes when I ask a beginner to follow a particular pose for a little while, they don’t see what is so great about it. I know that if I told them it would take two years to reach their goals, they would never get started. I offer a wide spectrum of yoga styles and each can be done by anyone.

3. I always suggest to newcomers that they try a class at the beginning instead of trying to get in with people already there. I am more willing to give someone else a chance and let them try a yoga class that won’t push them as far. I also encourage beginners to try a class once in a while. At the end of the day we come back to that class and find the balance. In the end, you need to find your home for yoga and don’t waste time with people you don’t like, or at least find people you do like.