What You Need To Know About Exercise

For a long time, the conventional wisdom was we’d have to lose weight first for our bodies to change.

Many of our modern day ideas about optimal health — that to be healthy we had to do what was wrong with us first — began with the classic “eat red meat, white rice and processed foods, exercise in our sedentary, office jobs and get into shape during our leisure time” mantra. Then along came the science and the hard facts. So then the dogma began to transform and start to change, but for the wrong reasons. In the last 20 years or so, scientists began to realize that exercise doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun. It can be enjoyable. And it can be a good tool (if you’re in good shape) to do with your life what you already do so well in other ways. What’s more: exercise can be good for your mind. In my life for 35 years, it’s been one of my favorite methods to get out of my head.

How Do You Get Started?

As most of you know, I have a blog. It’s a great place to start for those who want to learn more about exercise or exercise for general health problems, but for an aspiring exerciser who wants access to the information already out there or that information that’s not yet out there, I wanted to create a place where there would be an entry point with an actual forum. That way if you’re a new exerciser you won’t have to ask me what you should do or why. No one else knows what you are asking for. And at the very beginning, the forum is not just for folks who have already done their basic science studies, it’s a place for all other exercisers to share information.

So start out by posting a message at the top of the forum and telling me exactly what you would like to talk about. I want to know what you are experiencing while you’re doing an exercise program so I can help you out. But please post what you’re doing, what you need help with and your goal. I will update the forums periodically with information so we may learn about each other’s experiences. The main thread will be at the top of the page and I’ll keep track of it. I’m also looking for people to post questions so I can also do my best to get as much information as possible to the community at the very beginning. So if you have a question or comments for us, go ahead and post something just remember to start at the top when you post. And of course, if you’re just interested in joining the discussion you can start there as well.

Why Should I Exercise?

I’ve always followed an exercise philosophy and diet that is all about the body. In this article I’ll explain what that means and why this philosophy is important in relation to your weight loss or maintenance.

This is a philosophy based on finding out why you are gaining or losing weight and being willing to do whatever is necessary in order to get back to health and being healthy. One of the great things about this philosophy is that it is an actual behavior, not just a prescription or a diet or exercise prescription (or some combination of the two). With this philosophy, you are always striving to become healthier, not just doing something just because it is healthy or doing something just to see whether you look a certain way.

It’s about doing what we do well–getting the best out of our bodies for the quality of our lives, even if it happens more slowly than we’d like or more slowly than we think is best. It is about learning to let our bodies do what they do naturally naturally and learn what works. At some point, we get to an intermediate stage of the process and find a better combination of factors that leads to optimal health. But for almost everyone, once we reach that intermediate stage it gets easier.

We need to understand how our bodies are set up to do exactly what we do best:

1. The body responds to the fuel of all kinds.

2. Our body burns fat at a relatively quick pace, but also retains energy and calories from carbohydrate.