What You Need To Know To Change Your Life

This is a very different type of lecture. You need to know the five factors that may be undermining your efforts. The five factors are happiness, wellness, confidence and knowledge.

If we are not aware, and we don’t recognize what’s going on, and we don’t see the pattern, then it’s like when we watch a game. If it was your favorite team, you’d be cheering them on in hopes that they win. And it’s not their fault, but at that moment you’re saying, ‘Oh, wow, that really is a good team.’ So, if you’re just thinking about yourself and not thinking about your teammates, it’s almost like watching a game.

The other thing that’s going on there is that we want to win.  ‘You’ve gotta win,’ we say. But if we want to win, we need to know what we need to do right now.  How many other people are doing the same things that we are. So, that first thing–‘you’ve gotta win’–is part of your ego that keeps us from really enjoying the game for the moment.

So, how do you get more out of something you’re not enjoying?  How do you enjoy it? We need to learn how to change our ego and let go of our self-protective mechanism.

You think you have all the answers. I’m sorry, it’s not true. Every time you think you have the right response, you’re not being mindful of the process. So I’m going to try to show you some examples from my own life, as I’ve learned that this is true. ‘What are we doing wrong?’ You might say. ‘I know all this great stuff, but I’m just not responding. It’s just my ego. I’m just not doing it right.’ But that’s not so.  You don’t know yet what you need to do.  I’ll describe three different types of responses that we can get for a very simple situation…

1)  When You don’t Know How To Respond:  You’re not looking for the answer, but you’re responding impulsively because the answer comes quickly.  This is a response when you’re responding to fear.  You’re scared.  So you’re saying, ‘Oh, my God, I’m scared.’

So now you’re making a mistake.  Now you’re not able to recognize the process.  And this is how the ego will keep telling you to react, and how you’re letting the fear keep you moving forward.  I want to be able to recognize that because so much of our experience in life is about what comes on the immediate basis of fear.  If you think you’re scared–you’re not.  You’re acting from fear.

You can try this.  You can try to go down a trail that you know is a good way, where you can have a long time and the mountain won’t be there.  Or you can just do something, then you can look back and say, ‘Oh, maybe it’s not right for me, now.’  I’m just talking about taking this moment to ask the question, ‘Is this something I’m comfortable with?’ ‘Okay, let’s try that.’  That’s one way to go with trying the trail.

So how do we do that?  Well, how do we go looking for something that’s going the wrong way?  Well, if we can find a place where you’ve been working toward something, then we can go over to it. We can go say, ‘Okay, I’ve been working toward this.  What’s different between this and that?  Let’s look at something that’s going the wrong way.