What Your Body Dethishes That You Might Not Know

When a muscle gets stretched out by overeating and exercise, it is then weakened and less flexible. This means that you are prone to injury.

You don’t go into a fight like a boxer who’s been getting a little tired, doesn’t want to fight… I’m saying that when you’re eating more than you should, it has an effect on you physically that your body has not even been prepared for. The result is that your body will have to expend more energy than it normally does, and that you can be more susceptible to injury.

The more you workout, the stronger you’ll get to resist injury. But because you can get the benefits of weight lifting without putting weight on the bar, you can then go beyond your physical abilities with other exercises.

If the workout is very intense and you’re overtraining, the damage is done.

The only way to stop this is to cut back.

The only way to keep exercising at this intensity as long as you can to avoid injury is to learn how to rest and heal the muscles before and after.

Rest and heal the muscles before and after are the main reasons why you should start your rest and recover schedule on the middle of the work out.

Don’t rest the muscles until after your workout, or you will just be wasting effort.

You do not want the muscles to break down in order to recover for the next workout, or you will risk injuries from not recovering fast enough.

If you’re doing a workout that is too hard, this can be easily avoided by not going all out in the workout.

This is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to say.

Sometimes I tell people that I need to work out 2 hours to do the same work I normally do, because I need a break to recover.

To the general public (i.e. everyone who doesn’t live in an exercise school or have a trainer), that would be crazy.

So even though I do need a break from training, I don’t want it to be an 8 hour rest and recovery break. I want to get the full workout out of it in 3 hours, so that way I’m ready for the next workout right away.

I want to get a solid workout in. Period.

So for me, when I can’t fit in another two hours of work out I just have to work out as long and hard and as many times as it takes to get rid of the fatigue that my body is already going through.

I believe that this is what allows me to consistently produce results and perform at my best over the long term.

When you feel like you’re getting tired or the workout feels too much it’s a good sign that you’re going too hard.

This is because the body has become conditioned to the way something felt.

When the muscles are tense, the body will be in a state where the energy has to be stored.

If you don’t have to force yourself to work through all the discomfort and soreness of a workout to get out the hard stuff, then you will be more effective and your body will get a break.

That’s my way.

What does this all mean for you?

Well, I wish you the best.

Do you want to be your best?

Does you want to learn exercise technique?

Does you want to learn how to rest and recover correctly?

Are you tired of just having your body work for you, without letting you do the hard work?

Then you need to get to know your body. Know what makes you sick and tired and hurt when it goes beyond the physical capacity or strength you have.

I hope you learned something today.