What Your Body Says About You

Your life is not an experiment. Everything you know, every piece of knowledge you have, the way you look, the way you behave, and everything you ever will do is based on your biology. As a result, your body really does have the capacity to accurately and easily tell you how you are doing. It makes sense that your body would be able to predict your future. I’ve found that people who are more conscientious of their physical health are healthier all together. The best advice is to take good care of yourself physically. As for health care, if you need it, it will hopefully be provided by people who truly know the science and the process.

This is a fascinating report from a couple of years ago, written by Dr. Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University. This is a wonderful look at how our biology can predict which genes, genes we are carrying, and that we have inherited from our parents, from our grandmothers, and from our great, great grandparents. When someone asks me, “Oh, how are you getting along with all those different conditions?” I tell them, “The answer is the same as what is going on with me: My biology is telling me, ‘You can’t be here, you’re going to die’.”

We’re programmed, both genetically and developmentally, to look at people and ask the question, ‘What are they going to do?’ I like to joke that the only thing we know how to judge a person on, is if they will be alive, or dead, or what they’ll do, and whether or not they can do it. That’s it.

That’s a rather frightening concept, isn’t it? And yet today, we have doctors and scientists who are completely out of touch with reality. I can tell you from experience that they don’t actually treat people in that manner.

It really is a tragedy. When someone dies, you think there’s a funeral, or a funeral is going to take place. When it doesn’t take place, that’s when the tragedy begins. It’s really an epidemic of people who are going to die, and why we have people, who, if they’re not ill, they’ll die. What I mean by that is that, you know, in this era of, sort of, “allopathic” medicine – that’s when we do all these tests – and there’s no guarantee that you’ll live. You might be, but you may not survive.

This has to do with our bodies. The only way the doctor can tell you if you’re going to live is with a CT scan. It’s what they do when somebody dies and it gives you a good, true picture of what’s going on. They look for the disease that’s causing your death, and if that’s identified, they have something called an End-Of-Life Plan. There are, of course, a lot of people who don’t have these plans, but they have the same information. Because, if you have, you know, a CT scan, then you don’t need to live long or be sick. You need to be dead.

There’s also the fact of antibiotics. We use a lot of antibiotics nowadays; that’s because we don’t have the resistance to them. We used to. We used to be able to treat people with antibiotics, we just didn’t know to do it anymore, and so now we know how to do it. We have antibiotics to treat everybody . It’s not only that. We’ve now also developed cures for a whole category of diseases, like cancer. We’ve cured pneumonia. It’s amazing, and yet, we do not have antibiotics to treat our children.

Let’s go back to that woman who came here for an abortion. And, it turns out, it was her child that died, and that child was not only born with Down syndrome, but he’s now a young adult: He’s 23 years old. I really ask myself how that could happen. It’s because we’re not taking good care of our children. We don’t take good prenatal care. We don’t take good care of our children before they’re born. How did that tragic thing happen? Because of this horrible idea that we have here that the unborn human being can be destroyed. If you read, I think, Dr.