When It Is Time To Transform Your Body

The body is the body, but the body is always changing! Transformation can be the catalyst for amazing, exciting and life-changing results. If you want to make the transformation — your body is the place to start.

The best way to transform your body is to take control of your physical activities, and to set goals to achieve the desired goals and look forward to achieving those goals. It’s not only important to be healthy, but your physical health can play a crucial role for other aspects of your life. For example, physical well-being helps reduce stress and anxiety and improves relationships and overall quality of life.

Your goals should be consistent and attainable. Set achievable but realistic goals, and get started using a physical activity program. The best thing you can do for your body is to be consistent with your lifestyle.

When you create a consistent plan, you are more likely to stick to it. When you set a goal that you can achieve, it’s likely that you want to achieve it. If your goals are within your capabilities, you are more likely to work toward them and to achieve.

Set a physical activity goal that you can meet today.   Set a goal that you are able to achieve in the next week.

There is nothing wrong with being able to meet your goals, but if you decide to achieve a goal, you want to be able to be consistent with it. For example, you may be able to meet a goal like getting a certain time on your step aerobics class and then a goal like “I completed 30 minutes of exercise in 30 minutes”. There is no need to take up a whole class, or to commit to just one workout. What if you didn’t feel as if it was going to work out, and when you got home and didn’t do it, you weren’t as motivated to continue? The point is, it gives you the opportunity to make a new goal.

Keep goals realistic and achievable.   Goals should be realistic and attainable. This means that the first step to set a physical activity goal is to identify the level of discomfort, and that you would probably not meet the desired goal.

To find a reasonable level of discomfort, find a goal that you can accomplish, then find some level of comfort that you would have to do. The goal should be something that you are really wanting to accomplish. What may seem to be an unreasonable, extreme or unattainable goal does not have to be if you keep it realistic and attainable.

When you set a good goal, it doesn’t just motivate you to accomplish the goal, but it creates a sense of satisfaction when you work toward it. When you set goals that are realistic but not impossible or excessive, and that are achievable, you are more likely to achieve them.

You must use a plan to accomplish your goals.   To find a goal that is realistic for you, you need to use your Plan to Achieve (PTA) to figure out how you will accomplish your goal.   You can choose to use a calendar and time schedule, or you can use some type of program like a fitness tracker. Choose a plan that you are comfortable using that fits all the goals and activities that you want to accomplish.  

You can use a planner, and you can use a planner, exercise buddy plan, or even just make a list together with your wife and kids to accomplish some goals like grocery shopping or visiting a friend.

Once you have set the goals and activities that you want to accomplish, begin incorporating physical activities into your routine.   Find something that you can do every day that is challenging and that contributes to your goals.