When It’s Time To Give Up: 10 Reasons Why

I hope you’ll read this and consider how your values play into the choice you make each and every time you make a decision in this life. This is something you don’t feel prepared to handle, but if you do, the truth will be revealed.

There are many reasons to give up, but why? Because you are truly ready to do so? Or because you have learned something about yourself? Or because you’ve found something more important to focus on? Or because God will help you? Or because you have something to lose? Your own unique reasons can give you perspective that will help you weigh the pros and cons.

The world has changed so much in the past four decades that we really have no idea how to deal with an environment of constant change. I’m not a Christian, but when you’re reading this I don’t want you to stop thinking of Him as just a creator of the earth. I don’t want you to forget that He’s the creator of all life here on this planet. I don’t want you to forget that He’s the one who gave us our sense of self in the first place.

Here are 10 things I’ve learned about life over the past 20 years.

10.) I am still imperfect:

I am human. Sometimes I’m not perfect. I’ve learned to accept whatever comes along but not to expect perfection from life around me. Every day I’m learning a new lesson and growing as a person, so I will continue to grow and make new friends.

I’m not perfect. I’ve learned to be aware of that and I will continue to learn. I’m not going to go around saying “I’m the nicest guy.” But I have to admit that I’m not perfect.

9.) I am loved by others:

I love God. He is my Father, my creator. He is the creator of my brain. He is the creator of my body. I love Him because He is perfect (Genesis 1:31). I love others because they are also perfect beings. They live in a world that does not conform to their likenesses (James 3:7). They do not judge others for the appearance of their bodies (James 1:27).

When I love others at church, or at work, or during family dinners or at play dates, I am sharing with people the beauty that is within each of us. I am teaching someone how to better handle their challenges or their passions. I am giving someone who is struggling the tools they need to change their situation and to become a better person.

8.) I am free:

Freedom is a beautiful thing. The one thing I would not give up is my freedom to choose. Freedom of choosing one direction over another. Freedom to live out the values that I hold dear. Freedom of choosing not to. That’s a choice I would never want to lose.

7.) I have a purpose for living:

I have to be responsible for my life and I have to do it right. I have to love and serve. I have to be loyal to my friends and family. I have to serve and do what I love to do. There are those parts of the world who don’t like Christians because we tend to say, “There’s God. Don’t you want God to change your life to make a better one?”

For me, there is a better life that is possible through being a Christian. A life in which I can trust in God and have certainty that through trusting Him, my life will go on forever.