When It’s Time To Reinvent Ourselves: The Keys To Health And Vitality For The 21st Century

How can we improve health & vitality for the 21st century while living to the best of our abilities? In this short blog post , I share some of my own insights for making sure we’re living to our best — as opposed to our biological end goal.

I was recently asked for advice by a member of the board of consultants at one of a number of leading wellness organizations: “Do you recommend I get on a program or go through a series of lifestyle changes, such as exercise and a balanced diet, to start making progress?” This is just one example of how the wellness industry is evolving. It’s a major transition, and I’d love to share the strategies that will work to provide the best possible results for today’s world of rapidly changing technology and changing lifestyles.

The first step should go without saying (if it’s been said to you) — we should do some good, hard, honest self-work. It’s not enough that we need to get the best sleep possible, exercise and move our bodies every day, and then stop eating unhealthy foods and drink less beer (if that’s your thing – for me, anyway).

For me, that means I need to learn a few extra things along the way as well. It’s not uncommon, for example, to wonder why my body seems to reject the new iPhone 6. Maybe it only works well on your other old phones? I’m going to tackle that and another such question here .

In addition to trying to become the best version of me, we’ll need to do our best to live to the best possible versions of us, both as individuals and as a society, as well. This is an idea that’s been around since the beginning of modern philosophy and philosophy for general social good.

John Dewey: “Philosophy cannot be separated from experience; it is to experience that philosophy responds.”

I’m hoping to answer some of the questions of the reader about why people don’t get up and do something — especially exercise and healthy eating — when they don’t seem to think it’s needed.

I agree with Dewey: we’re living through a renaissance of philosophy and philosophy for the sake of the human soul; the soul is the reason that all of these things matter to us — and we have a lot to live for.

However, the soul is limited and can only take so much.

We can have an amazing life, but only if we’re healthy and we’re doing things to live well . It’s possible for us to live in the same way Dewey lived his — a simple and direct way of life, but one that requires more than what many of us actually need to have an amazing life.

This topic has been the subject of a number of posts in the past. I decided to start something new this time around; with a brief list of strategies for self-improvement for the age of technology, the new lifestyle changes and the new health issues. These are all good things to focus on, but let’s also be careful about focusing too much on this one area of focus.

The idea is rather to explore the general range of the ways to become a good human being in the 21st century. We’ll look at the most helpful and necessary tools, but don’t get too hung up on any specific approach.

We’ll begin with a short list of what I believe are the most important areas for us to focus our efforts on now. These are the most common, most likely-to-help and most common health issues we have to live with at some level.

In no particular order:

1. Exercise and fitness: Most people already know that getting enough protein, enough calories and sufficient micronutrients with our diet is a surefire way to improve health and longevity. However, I’ve heard several times people complain that they’ve put in 100+ hours a week, and they haven’t gotten any better or become any healthier.