When The Things You Think Will Hinder You Are More Dangerous Than They Think

Some of the greatest fears we have are that things will get worse and that your fears will be worse. In fact, the reverse is true. A person’s fear is a measure of how much they are going to hurt themselves. Fear is a powerful motivator. When it goes too high, you have self-hatred. It can lead to more worry, more regret, more stress, more anxiety, and more pain. But when it doesn’t go high, your mind becomes the control center. Your mind controls your body. It will let go of the bad things you think in order to concentrate and allow the good things to come in and take over.

Our greatest fear is that we might suffer if something bad happens. Then our mind puts that fear into a positive context: I have to get past this fear. This is where the mind controls. And that is where the things we think will hinder us will take hold. Now you can understand how a single bad thought can cause us more stress, more pain, more regrets, and more failure than if you were really in the middle of a serious tragedy. For example, we worry, “If this happened to me, I wouldn’t be able to work and I would feel miserable, would I?” And our fear becomes, “I would feel as if some catastrophe had fallen upon me.” To a certain extent, the fear that we fear really does come true. But I’ve seen what happens when it doesn’t. When our mind stays still it feels like nothing will ever happen. When it relaxes, everything just flows. The danger in not taking one big, overwhelming and frightening thing in our life into account is that by the time we take it into account it’s gone and we’re left wondering what to do the next time they do. There’s no relief in knowing that the thing that’s going to happen is going to happen and that it’s the thing you fear. That can be enough for you to go through the rest of the day knowing you didn’t need the stress and the pain because the thing that mattered was you.

We Don’t Even Realize How Bad Things Were Going To Hurt Until They Did

If we can believe a negative thought, if we can have fear about the past, about the future, about a future we can’t predict about our future, we have to believe that that thing will really hurt. The next time you have a bad trip and you’re feeling like crap, say to yourself, “Did I really just have a bad trip?” If you can ask yourself that question, and even if you can’t answer it right away, then do something. Go to a safe place. Get something to eat. Take a nap. Go to a friend’s house. Do whatever it takes to calm down. Ask people what it’s like. This process will help you to recognize the negative self talk by letting it roll off your back.

It is not a good practice to ask your own opinion because, like you just said, your opinion has been hijacked by something else. It’s not enough for me to tell you what I did today; I have to tell you how I feel about it and you have to answer it for me.

It is not enough to imagine a negative outcome for yourself. It’s not enough to imagine a future where things are bad because you did something bad. These are only words in your mind. You have to take the thing you’ve created and put it into a positive context. The best way to do this is to imagine a past outcome. Don’t just imagine the negative outcome; imagine the very positive outcome. You have to take that past outcome into account, but imagine how good it will be when you do it.

In my personal experience, I don’t know if this works for everyone, but if you can do this, then imagine how good it will feel when you do it, and that will feel like a better reality until you start having those things happen. Imagine a happy future, just as you would like to have. You can tell your spouse, “I hope you got a big promotion and didn’t make terrible mistakes for a year.” Or if there is anything bad you did, imagine what a perfect future would look like for it and how good it would feel.

The trick in thinking like this is that you have to be very focused, not on the positive, which means you have to get it down into things as they are and not the positive, which means you have to get it up into it as you might want or worry about it.

When you are in a good place about your life, your future is going to look wonderful. There’s no way to describe how good.