When Things Go Wrong For You, Listen To Your Intuition

A major symptom of depression is that of overwhelming anxiety. Many times, anxiety can be associated with uncertainty, a threat to your security and your livelihood.

The first time I got very sick was in 1997. I had a terrible reaction to a medicine for which I had done extensive background research and which had multiple medical experts and multiple FDA approval letters. The result was a severe allergic reaction that left me in the hospital for three days. At the time, I believed I could have been a carrier of a very common food borne disease that was causing a rash all over the country. (A rash was also present in my wife’s stomach at the time and it was thought to be food poisoning.) I had several reactions to foods in particular, and I spent months avoiding all foods to varying degrees. I also had a very low libido for a long time, which was not pleasant for me. These are things that have stuck with me for the past twenty years. When I look back at the years prior to 1997, when this occurred, and after the incident, I have learned how to deal with stressful situations and to think on my feet. It seems that the way I react to anxiety is to do a lot of internal research but to do so in a very controlled and rational manner. You can’t just be reacting to feelings and trying to figure it out: that makes you anxious more often than it helps.

The second time I got very sick was in 2004. I took an antibiotic when the throat was a little too tight. The result was a severe infection that went through my body. I also had several complications involving my liver after I left the hospital. It took several months after my diagnosis and for my doctors to get back to me to find out what was really wrong.

I have made many different attempts to figure everything out myself but none of the explanations I have gotten to work for me have ever really satisfied me. So much of the information I came across for dealing with stress and anxiety had an air of mystery to it. I am always interested in information that is not just the usual stuff out there that has been done before so I am always looking. Some people will put their stress and anxiety issues on a black list so that the fear doesn’t ever rise to that level. That has never worked for me, though. The black list is a bad idea because you never know when you are going to have a stressful experience. I have tried to make peace with the fact that I cannot control my stress and that it will be there for me no matter what I do. Instead of dealing with how to control my stress and being afraid about what the future holds, I would rather talk about how to deal with stressful situations instead.

I don’t know the exact cause or the timing for my reactions to stress, but I have learned how to deal with stress in the normal way. This is the normal way. Instead of thinking about what I am going to do with a stressful situation and how to deal with anxiety, I make something up on the spot based on experience: what happens if I do this? What happens if there is a delay in what I do? How will I change something?

The last time I got very sick and injured was in early 2013. As you can imagine, this was very stressful for both of us. I took the appropriate steps to take care of my health, including some dietary changes, but the results didn’t take. It is always hard recovering from illness, especially with a chronic stressor like the flu.

The first time that I started to feel better was January 2013. I had a full year between the two episodes. I felt good at first and was looking forward to getting back to the usual routine. Unfortunately, it took more than a year for the results to get there. When I finally woke up in 2014, I started to feel bad again. I was anxious again. The stress just kept coming back. It was like all of the energy that I had spent to get back to a healthy lifestyle was spent all over again. But I was still able to maintain my job and do my daily activities. I still feel a little different when I am not at work, but it was never that bad. I have a new job just coming on line and have been dealing with the stress over the last few months and plan to stick to it. I try not to be too hard on myself about it or give up. I think it is just hard on others to have to deal with your stress, especially at such a young age.