When To Eat A Salad?

First, get off the couch! (In my opinion).

I have been eating salads lately, for the health benefits and because I have been in the zone for a few weeks and didn’t want to feel like a failure any more. I love salads and eat one at least twice a day now. My first three salads came from a local farmer’s market (they have them in season), but today, for whatever reason, I’ve been looking online for recipes. What’s my secret? If I make my own recipe from a salad I trust, it’s a no-fail recipe in a rush… I love my food and eating it regularly makes my life more fulfilling and fun. What’s your secret? I just eat whatever salad I need at the moment and trust I get all of the nutrients I need without eating more than I should.

You don’t need to do much prep work with salad salads, you just need to be aware of all the benefits and follow all the basic directions. These salad recipes have the basic ingredients needed to make salad that you can enjoy with friends and family, on the farm, or in the fridge.

If you’ve made your own salad dressing (or you’ve just been eating salad instead of eating a wrap), the recipe will follow the basic steps you have already used in the preparation of your dressing. In other words, there are no additional steps to follow to complete the recipe.

The recipes I have used so far have been simple: one or two large green leafy vegetables, some shredded lettuce, some mayonnaise, some dressing, a few breadcrumbs, and some walnuts.

The “basic” recipe

The first salad I’ve ever tried and had the pleasure of making was one from The Garden Grazer. It was a very healthy and tasty salad and I’d recommend it for any kind of salad on a regular basis.

My secret.

The second salad was made by a close friend’s mom of her husband, and it was awesome. I used the salad as a way to get a snack after a long day in the fields or on the boat.

The third salad that I ate, and made, was by an older couple who came to visit us earlier this summer.

The fourth salad I made at the farmer’s market was a mix of shredded lettuce, cucumber, and tomato.

The fifth recipe I made was from The Garden Grazer, and it was awesome. It was not only healthy but also flavorful and quick. It was made with green leafy vegetables and a variety of nuts. Here’s the link to their recipe . (And this recipe will be forthcoming.)

My secret.

The sixth salad recipe that I made recently was from the grocery store salad bar. That salad was really good–tender and satisfying without having the taste of mayonnaise in every bite. Here is a link to the grocery store salad bar . (I had this with a sandwich made of mozzarella, tomato, and provolone cheese.)

My secret.

The only recipe that I’ve ever made that doesn’t have lettuce and a mix of vegetables was the one from the grocery store salad bar.

My secret.

But, this is why I have salad!

Here’s a few of the recipes that I made from this series.

This was my first time using the walnuts and it was a huge win in my book. I loved the texture and the rich nuts. Plus, it gave the salad some texture which I could really appreciate.

This salad was made with all the greens with a dressing made from mayonnaise and soy sauce. It was delicious! I love the flavors in this salad. I also like to add a handful of walnuts after the dressing, but that’s a personal decision that you can make for yourself.

I love dressing my salads with lots of dressing. In the future, I hope to make it easy to use a combination of salad dressing and raw walnuts for this type of salad.