When To Eat What? Your Guide To Cooking Healthy Meals

Why not learn a bit about foods and try some of the things you’ve been making all your life but never thought of? It’s healthy! You have to cook and taste it, not just consume it.

The world’s favorite food is junk food, and most of us don’t realize that the food manufacturers have developed recipes that are filled with chemicals and additives. The real truth behind the ‘healthy eating’ trend is just about being profitable. In the same way that the food industry markets foods with ‘dietary requirements for health’ but ignores the health risks associated with those diets, so too do we continue to ignore the health risk associated with junk food in order to appeal to their profit margins. If the only foods we’re eating are junk and we’re only eating junk to lose weight, we might not think twice about it, but when we start to eat healthy, it becomes much more important to eat what is good for us. We would all benefit from eating more foods that we love.

It won’t surprise many people when I tell you that I love spinach (because it’s healthy), but does that change anything about what you should and should not eat when you’re trying to lose weight? Not until you give it a try…

                 Here are some of my favorite ingredients for making a healthy spinach salad:

1. Kale – This is a great source of vitamins and minerals that many people lack. If you don’t have kale around, feel free to plant some spinach in your back yard. This salad will help lower your cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease.

2. Artichokes – This is a classic favorite around here. Artichokes are full of all the nutrients the body needs, including Vitamins and Minerals. This is a dish that is often served at the beginning of a meal for several of us.

3. Salmon – Salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fats and Omega 6 fats, the type that your body needs for proper body function. Your best bet is to get salmon fillet off of your menu.

4. Kale – Kale makes the perfect addition to spinach salads for those people who don’t like kale. I know when I was working at the university cafeteria and getting my kale there, I’d often tell people that there was really no way that I could resist the flavor of kale. A great thing about choosing greens over spinach is you’re reducing the calories.

                 The next couple of recipes are meant to be simple and quick and I know a lot of us don’t cook enough. I promise I’ll still include some healthy fats, but it will be easier to digest and it’s not going to have anything on the menu of a weeknight meal. I’ve included it below because it’s so easy and I don’t want you to have to spend time doing it.

1. Sweet Potato Curry – I know we use sweet potatoes all the time around here, but this recipe adds other healthy fats by including avocado oil. This sauce will taste good with vegetables or you can add some veggies to this whole dish so you can add in some of the healthy vegetables I mentioned above.

2 . Lemon Chicken – This recipe is easy to make since it’s very quick to throw together. The best part is it’s packed with so much flavor. Lemon’s are also incredibly good for you, so it’s an even BETTER option over the sweet potato.

3. Chicken Broccoli Rabe – This is a great chicken recipe that’s also packed with flavor, and is great for the summer since it’s loaded with protein. This is an excellent easy dish to make so it’s perfect for busy days.

4. Avocado Roasted Salmon – Since I’m not a big salmon fan, this recipe is perfect for me. I love the texture that salmon has when roasted. It’s great for you not just for keeping you full at the end of a meal, it’s also great for our arteries. Don’t forget the salmon!