When To Fight Like A Badass

When the enemy is bigger than life’s smallest threat, be your own biggest enemy. Use your energy to your advantage, no matter how tiny that might seem. What’s tiny might be the biggest. That’s why the old adage is true: “Always keep calm and carry a big stick.”

In every man and woman we’re blessed with a potential for greatness. For decades, some of us were born into poverty, some grew up without real education, others are suffering from cancer or some other medical condition and yet other men and women have reached the highest offices in the land.

It’s up to us to make something of that potential, for if we don’t, it will dissipate or fade away like the sunset.

When you’re fighting against a big man/badass you should do every possible thing to be his/her weakness. A good trick for doing this is calling him a “fatso”. This will do 2 things: 1) It will make him wonder what fat is, just as he wonders what small size is. 2) It will cause him to look to you, thinking “If I can’t beat up that big, powerful, mean man, how hard can I push me? Is it even humanly possible for me? Will I ever be as strong as him?”. If he looks at you with that look it’s because he knows that you’re the only kind of man in the world that can truly beat him up. His challenge will be to fight for your honor. If he does, that’s something that will help get him through, but if you lose, it means something different.

Always have a plan, a back up, and a backup. It doesn’t matter how simple your plan is, your back up plan needs to be the same and well thought out. For example, a small plan on how to take a big guy out. If he doesn’t have one, just go after him. What could go wrong?

As a rule of thumb, keep things as simple as you possibly can. Be specific and concise and don’t take any chances with your enemy knowing that he has no chances to win. Also, don’t bother showing him what he did wrong, all he needs to know is that you’ve got him in a corner and you’re going to make him work for it. If his back is up against the wall, it should be up to you to make sure you go out there and put it in his head. He is weak and you are the bigger, badder woman who is going to destroy him.

Don’t look at this battle as a game. You don’t need the attention and praise of others to win, only you can win when you’re strong and in control. Your success depends on you, not the man, and so long as you keep a strong mindset and practice self-improvement, you’ll have a place in this struggle, where you can be the best version of yourself.