When You Love Yourself, People Love You

I always tell myself it won’t always be perfect – it certainly won’t stay perfect. Life will never stay at a perfect place forever.

Life is messy. It will be full of ups and downs that will make it exciting and difficult. Life will be stressful at times. Life is full of failures, failures that feel like the worst things. Life has moments of beauty and love. There is love and love will be lost. It can feel as if everyone doesn’t care at all that you’re sick or hurt. I learned so many valuable lessons at the end of my career. One of the greatest lessons is to love yourself at all times. I am fully aware that not everyone will agree with this advice, but I believe it’s true. Some people will think I’m delusional or have a case of Stockholm Syndrome. I have experienced all of these things. So while I know that life and health issues have to happen sometimes, I choose not to obsess or try to fix my feelings. If someone hurts your feelings, try to understand their feelings and let them know that you can relate. Let them know that you will take care of your feelings, don’t judge them, and let them know that you will see them again next week. If you’re in a good relationship with your partner and you both enjoy each other, be happy that you’re the better person in that relationship.

Life is challenging and full of moments of bliss. If I could live just one day over again, this would be it for me:

My birthday (today) I would have spent it at the doctor because I was so sick. I’d get out of bed so I could get out of the house. I would listen to my son and his friends play. I’d get dressed in the afternoon and get ready for my next day to get a fresh start. My last appointment of my final day of work was to do MRIs and CT scans and make sure my head was OK and there were no holes in my body. I would leave feeling happy and grateful to be alive. This is what life is for me.

Loves of My Life : My children, my daughter and son-in-law, my friend John, my son-in-law, my grandson, my daughter’s friends, my family, my husband, my manager, the many doctors and assistants who have treated me, my family and my friends.

My love for my children is unconditional and so strong, it would never give up on them when they needed me. I am never mad or sad when they are at their best, and I always see them smiling and loving each other. They are a big part of my life and so much love goes into their happiness. My daughter is my rock and has my deepest love for her. My daughter and son-in-law love to work on their cars, and they’re always trying to get ahead of the curve. My son-in-law is the rock of my life. He makes me laugh, he cares for his family, he is kind, and he is a great dad. My grandson has grown up so big and strong, so full of life. He is our inspiration. When he wants something, he gets it, if not he will find something else to do. And he’s been a source of so much joy to me. My son-in-law is my best friend and he’s become family to me. We share everything in our lives – we laugh, cry and cry some more. He’s made our family stronger and he keeps us strong. John and I are close so we go through a lot to each other. The joy of sharing life with John, the joy of his smile, and the joy of my smiles are our source of hope, strength and love. I can’t wait until my baby girl, Eliza, is born. She’s our little princess waiting to be rescued.  

My love for my son-in-law has always been very special. I met him when the world was all different colors and shapes. We laughed so much together and played and laughed the most when the world was full of life and there was laughter. He has supported me every step of the way and has been by my side when they’ve gone through trials that I could not have understood. In so many ways, Eliza reminds me of how we used to be together, how we loved to be around each other and how much we cared for each other.