When Your Heart Is Trying To Tell You Something, You Don’t Listen

When you know your heart is telling you something but you still don’t listen to it, you’re not honoring who you are. You no longer have a place in society. You are not human.

When you know your heart is telling you something, and you ignore it, you are not honoring who you are. There comes a certain point in every person’s life when, even if you try and resist, even if you pretend you are living in the world, your heart won’t listen anymore. If you have been to the doctor for a health issue, you are not going to ignore your heart and try and pretend to be normal. That is to say…

when you KNOW the heart is telling you something, you don’t ignore it. You can’t. Just like when you try to pretend like you are still in your 20s and you pretend you are living in the 21st century, you are going to find yourself in some kind of trouble.

When I first met my boyfriend, I took a breath, closed my eyes, and knew. I knew that he was the man of my dreams. He was sweet. He had a beautiful smile that was like silk. He was funny. I wanted so much to fall asleep. I wanted to never have to be sad ever again. But alas, we were not in love and I could not feel love with my whole heart. I wanted to be his girlfriend but he could not feel the same. I had to put up with it.

The first time, he told me “I’m not in love with you yet. You really are the girlfriend of my dreams but…” So I listened, and I didn’t do anything. If this was the guy who loved me, why was it taking him so long to tell me that?

In the end, I was not in love. It wasn’t the lack of love (although the lack of love was definitely a huge reason why I couldn’t feel love, but I am getting ahead of myself) but it was a lack of patience.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of feelings of love. It’s nice and easy to say “I’m in love,” and if you are doing it right, you are totally in the clear… but if you are not, things could get really messy!

We all know relationships are really complicated. So much so, that if you are a bit more of the romantic than your partner is, you can be in serious danger of missing out in the end. You get to see the “other side” of the relationship. It can feel like cheating but it is nothing of the sort. The other side of the relationship is always there, it just doesn’t show up on a daily basis. If I tell you that my brother is dating his own sister but he only lets me know a few times a month, that is because we never interact much! He never tells me everything. He is just one person.

The other person is always watching, always in control… You’re never in the same room as him. You always think about things from his perspective. He never hears you.

This is a great way to see life for what it is, but if you keep seeing it the same way, if you keep living your day to day life by his rules… you’re never going to get it right.

So, let’s say I go to the doctor, I complain that I never feel like a person, I always want to be in my room doing work, I am always on my phone, etc. (I have an idea for an app that would allow you to put in this sort of information) I go home and I take a shower. On my way there I see my father on his cellphone asking his other half, “Should we wait 30 seconds…