When Your Life Flashes In Front Of Your Eyes — Twice A Week

You have these amazing experiences that can take your life to a new place, but each time, you have to re-frame it, and your focus or productivity drops.

If you are thinking about going to the gym, reading a book, or sitting quietly for a change, there may be something happening in your life that is disrupting your present reality, or your focus is being lost in a momentary flash.

This is called “flashbacks,” a fancy term for what we call the “brain on drugs.” There are very good reasons to get our minds off of things that are distracting you to some degree. This is where the first step in the process of getting a brain on drugs is taking a step back and re-framing the problems or issue.

If you find yourself looking in your closet, closet drawer, back of the car, house, etc, and looking for some distraction, try to think of a new way to occupy your time, a new way to think about the problem. Maybe there is no time. Maybe there is one minute to do something productive. You may be able to find several different ways that you can complete the goal without distraction, like this:

1. Put in your morning commute without getting distracted (a walk, reading, exercising, whatever)

2. Finish a task that is blocking your attention, like folding laundry or making coffee (turn off the cell phone, put the kitchen on silent)


Take a break in front of your TV (turning it off or down)

4. Read something or watch a movie that’s not too hard or interesting (don’t let your mind wander)

5. Practice a simple breathing exercise (relax and breathe out quietly)


If you find yourself thinking about the same problem each day, stop that thought pattern. You may need to try one of these different solutions and see which one feels most natural, easier, and more productive to you.

The most common and most difficult time to work on these strategies is when the problem is something that you cannot easily work on at home. If you are not sure how to get your problems addressed, there are ways to work at home, such as this:


This technique requires some time with yourself, but it is the most effective way to address problems that do not involve distractions such as TV or traffic.


It’s also a more effective method than using a computer, computer game, phone, or computer for more than 5 minutes at a time. When you work out or go grocery shopping, get a massage or have a bath, do your laundry, etc, you still need your mental energy and focus, but you do not get distracted by the distractions of the electronics and computer.


If you need time to think on your own, there are plenty of things you can accomplish in just a few minutes.

One thing to be careful about is you may not need to work on this in a specific environment–if you really need to work on this on your computer all day, you will work better and get better results if you use a different environment, such as, you work from home a day and try to work while the sun is down.

Also, think of your problem as a problem to be fixed, not a habit. If you find yourself thinking the same problem over and over again, you have a problem, and you’re just not getting any better.

Here are some tips on working on this issue, and the importance of focusing on what is at stake.


You can try:

1. Changing your environment.

2. Learning to relax.

3. Doing the exercises.

4. Doing simple rituals, like keeping a diary, a list of positive affirmations, or simply being alone with God.

5. Learning how to live a more productive day if you are feeling restless, and be more mindful of your surroundings.

6. Working on one or two things for a day, or just focus on getting back into the habit and habit-forming activities you can do at a distance.

These are just some of the strategies you should try. There are many more. Each of us has a unique solution to working on our flashbacks and distractions, but each of us has to work on it individually.

We don’t all have to do the same thing. You may find you can work more effectively on changing your habits or changing the environment that you are in. If you have a problem like this, you just need to take small steps to change your situation and you will see improvement.