When Your Life Isn’t Going Where You Want It To

Your life is not going where you want it to. So I have a proposition. If you want your life to turn out how you want it to, you can decide to try. You can choose the direction you are going. And then choose how to get there. You can go to your life. Take a hard look at your life and decide what you want it to be.

As a kid, my brother and I would ask questions all the time. When we were small and felt the need to express them. I will never forget our first time discussing what we really wanted out of life. It was around 5th or 6th grade. We were sitting on a bus together, having just gotten off from something we were doing at school that had lasted for the past few hours. We were debating the most important things in our lives, our grades and our friends.  To us, our friends were the foundation of who we were, how we did what we do, and the things we valued. To us, grades were the most important measure of our success and were the biggest hurdle we had to overcome in life.  I had always been proud of my grades. I had done my homework and my teachers had been nice to me. I’m sure many people agree with me.  In my mind, grades were a measuring stick, a sign that my parents loved me, and a measure of my ability to be a good student at any school I went to. This was the perspective that most people had when they talked about their grades. I had a different perspective. To me grades were a sign that I should try harder, or be more focused. If I was smart enough I could figure out everything myself.

I think I asked a million questions that night. A million, thousand questions. But one of the most important questions, probably the most important question I’ll ever ask myself. I asked the question, “What do I want to be?” And here’s the answer.

I want to be in the business of making customers happy, and working closely with them to make their relationships better. I want to be in the business of improving the quality and price of the things I make, and of learning along the way. I want to be in the business of getting to know people and seeing what they desire. If I were to think of what I desire, it would mean that, as I got older, I wanted to see my customers enjoying the things I made, and getting the things I made. It would mean that I valued and made sure to spend time with my customers, and spend time with the people who would help me achieve my personal goals.

I want to be in the business of changing things, making people happy. But, more than that, I want to change people. I want to know that I’m making them happy, and I want to see that change themselves. I want people to smile, and to see the smile on their face. If they could change one thing about me, I want it to be the smile on their face. I want them to know I made a difference, and I want them to know how happy and fulfilled I was to make a difference in their life.

I want to see that people are happy when I’m making things that make them smile.  I am happy to make my customers happy. It’s nice to make some money. It’s always nice to help another person. It’s just fun. I’m always happy to help someone.

But, I want to find out about the people whom I am making happy. I want to learn about them. I want to learn about their lives. I want to know why they came to me, why they trust me, and why they like what I do. I don’t want my customers to be in the business of just smiling. My customers should have dreams and their dreams should make them happy. If they like what I do, then they need to know why. If they are happy with all I’ve ever done to make their life better, then they need to know why they want to keep seeing the good in everything I make.

If I could spend my life giving customers what they’d want to see, and making them feel happy, well I would. But, I could never spend all my time making that happen. I would be busy, and I would be miserable. So I’d have to find a balance. I’d have to spend a bit of time on the customer to give them what they need, a little more time to do my own work on the customer, and to give the customer what they need to be happy. I’d have to make some sacrifices so I wouldn’t miss any important meetings, so that I could be in the office when my customers called, so that I could answer their questions, and so that I could help them.