Why Are Most People Still Eating Too Much Sugar?

You know that feeling you get when the craving for something you love so much is just so powerful, it makes you want to eat? This is the exact feelings you experience when you’re eating too much sugar.

A friend of mine who has an amazing sugar addiction told me about your blog and we were talking about it, and what I was beginning to understand is that although sugar is such a beloved sugar, it is not the only type of sugar we consume. It turns out all of them are addicting and it’s a lot of fun to get addicted.

You might know that sugar in and of itself isn’t bad for us, and it’s no different than food in general. As long as we limit how much we eat, we shouldn’t lose our health. You could call it the food’s fault , or the water’s fault. Sugar is just a sugar. It has no nutrition in and of itself and will not change your weight, health or happiness. You can learn to enjoy sugar and still be healthy without eating too much sugar. You can learn to love it but not over-indulge. In my opinion this type of sugar habit is actually the best way to experience sugar on a personal level because it is an indulgence. And indulgence is good.

What Is An Addicting Habit?

In order to get addicted, you need to be in the habit of doing something that is harmful

You might have heard the term ‘addictive behaviour’, we’ve heard words like ‘abuse’, ‘controlling’, and ‘abusive’

Those words mean that someone has to take something away from you, in order to make you want more. If anyone can be addicted to anything it’s going to be food, so those things are the most addictive for me.

This is why I have such healthy habits, but a lot of people struggle with the habit of eating because they’re not sure what to do. And by having that question, you’re telling your brain to keep on pushing you away from what you want and keep a close eye on what you’re eating.

Food is an addicting habit because we are all constantly searching for a reward by consuming food, not just for food, but for anything. The brain likes to stay distracted by looking for that ‘nail in the coffin’. A lot of people might think eating sugar is a bad habit, but it’s not, it’s just something that comes up in the ‘how to achieve the end’ phase of our addiction.

You want to eat, you want food or you’re trying to eat; whatever your mindset is, you are getting ready to take in any reward your brain can dream up! Food is addictive because you are making yourself hungry, and eating can be an extremely rewarding experience when it does fulfill your desire.

Now, I want you to try to eat a cookie or a candy bar without thinking about it for at least 30 minutes. Try to ignore that craving while you’re eating. When you do stop thinking about it, do you feel deprived? Do you feel that you don’t even want that sugar anymore? If you’re an addict, that’s the only way you’re going to feel like you need it. If not, then you probably have some other problem that you need to address before you can make a decision.

What I have found is that there is no difference between a desire for something that you love, and a craving for that same thing . This is the worst thing you can do to yourself. You need to make the decision if you are going to continue with the addiction. Don’t make excuses, don’t make excuses that you don’t want sugar.