Why Are Some People’s Ideas Of Love And Relationships Too Sensual?

Our mind’s first impulses when we meet someone are often the same as a car racing down a highway. As we see each other and look at a potential relationship, our brains begin to rush and make our initial judgments. That’s not the way relationship needs to work-but what are we taught to consider when we meet a potential mate? In this video, I explore that question and more.

I often see people getting their partners to agree to new rules of life by telling them that the new rules will make things “better,” “simpler,” or “safer.” This is a nice idea in theory. But here’s the thing: these rules don’t actually make things better. They only make things simpler. This video explains why.

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Have you ever been to an event where you were the focus of huge attention? Maybe it was at a rave. Maybe you were on the cover of the news as the winner of something big. Or perhaps you just made an impression on someone. There’s certainly a chance you were in the spotlight at some point in your life. When someone looks at you, does anything happen automatically and organically? If you’ve never been in that situation, it’s important to remember that the natural reaction is to stop what you’re doing or speak quietly to take a breath. Yet when we encounter such a situation, the brain gets a rush of dopamine–the same rush you get when watching the world’s most popular song play or when eating a snack. These dopamine spikes can be enough to change our thinking and our behaviour. Yet it’s this natural reaction that actually makes things a little easier. But what if your brain’s reaction to someone taking the spotlight is a little…less than natural? In this video, I talk about the difference between “natural” and “sensual,” and why it’s important to understand how people’s natural arousal works.

Halloween Costume Guide

Are you a costume aficionado or Halloween fun-seeker? Have you ever wondered how to go about choosing the right costume? This video is for you. From the best costume ideas, to which costumes work the best, all the way through which costumes are most appropriate, this video will help you pick out the most effective and attractive costume for you.

How To Talk To A Guy With An Unusual Interest In You

Have you ever had a guy approach you on the street and speak to you for a good while without you saying anything? What’s the best way to respond? In this video, I answer this question. In it, we explore various techniques and strategies to respond to this person (and others), how to speak with confidence and ease, how to change their mind about you, and many other things. This video goes into more detail than in my regular video because I really wanted to discuss this topic with a few friends. So check it out and share your reactions.

What Is Your Sexual Purpose?

What is your sexual purpose? Does it mean you were built with an innate, biological (or “hard-wired”) desire for sex? Are you a sexual person? Or is your sexual purpose something outside of the definition? This video takes a look at this question and it’s not really a simple one to try and answer (particularly if you’re just getting started). While this question is probably the most important thing you could answer honestly and truly to someone, I’m confident you’ve got a really weird sex life and have a long way to go. Maybe you’re not really a sexual person and never will be. Maybe you do have a particular sexual purpose, maybe you don’t but you’re not sure about it. This video has your back by telling you what to think about this (or any other) topic, giving you some questions to mull over as you think about these questions and much more.