Why Are We Always Being Disappointed In Ourselves?

It happens. We fail at something. Even our dreams get crushed and shattered. Let yourself feel that disappointment, even when it comes from others.  You are good enough, and you deserve to feel that way.

If you ask your heart, “Why have I failed in this?” you’ll soon find that you’re always being disappointed in yourself. So let people be disappointed in you, for you are beautiful. You’ve done all you can.  Enjoy the compliments. Enjoy the gifts that come your way from those whose feelings you’ve earned! And let yourself fall in love with all the other wonderful things in your life, those who are wonderful at the things you’ve failed, those who will serve and love you well forever if you just take the time to let them in.

This may be a bit hard to remember sometimes, and it may be hard to believe, but you will be in love. Your heart will know, and you will be loved!  And when you open yourself to the other people that don’t seem to love you like you ought to love them, when you open yourself to that and you become more and more aware of your own worth, then you will always be in love.  And when things don’t turn out the way you want them to, or they don’t turn out the way you think they should, then you will know and you will have been proven.  And if things continue to go wrong, if they don’t continue to go wrong, then you will know that you did the best you could, and you did the best you could!  And you have been proved, and you have been shown, and you will always know and you will always believe in yourself. And you will always have been shown, and you will always have been proven, and the love that you are worthy to feel and the love that others seem willing to give you and offer you have been shown to you, and you will never stop being shown.  And you will never stop being proven.  You’ve even been shown what the world thinks of you!  You’re beautiful, you’re talented, you’re wonderful to be around and it’s okay for that to be you and you can have the love of many and you won’t have to do this over again!  

Don’t expect that you will suddenly stop being disappointed in yourself. The thing to realize is that you will always be disappointed in yourself.  That’s how the world is, that’s how that works.  That’s what you get with bad relationships, and you get the world with bad relationships.  But you have a choice, and the choice to be disappointed in yourself is something that you get with every relationship, with every thing you encounter in this life, with everything you do.  Because that is what it means to be human.  A mistake.  I’m sorry.  It’s fine. Don’t stop trying to be proud of your own accomplishments, don’t stop striving to do great things, don’t shut down because some others around you don’t appreciate and cherish you in the way you deserve.  They may not value you the way you value yourself, they may not value the same things you value, but that doesn’t change what you do, what you are, or who you were.  You never get to have your “best” or your “worst,” and you are never allowed to become the other.  

You get to make your own good and bad.  You grow with the world around you, and you find your place in them.  The choice is always yours.  The choice not to believe you’re wrong about yourself or other people is always yours because you can’t make up things that you know not to be true.  That was never true, that was never true.