Why Being Sick Can Be Amazingly Good

My body has been in a very low-energy zone lately. My energy is low, my focus is low, and my mood is low. It just doesn’t feel like me. When I eat healthy food, however, I am energized and energetic and my mood is usually pretty good. Why? I was told that being healthy was like being “hippie food” or “vegetarian/plant-based food.”

It’s called “being sick” for a reason. As if in a “The Matrix” scene, our bodies just don’t feel like them anymore. I believe that being sick is the best state for being human. This is because when we are sick, we are not limited by our emotions, fears, and concerns. Instead, being sick lets our minds relax, our spirits soar, our attention span expand, we get lost in the moment and, most of all, we learn what it feels like to be happy and at peace. It’s been my experience that being sick is much better than being normal and, thus, when I am sick I am more alive.

If there was a place on the internet called the “Being Sick Wellness Institute”, I’d be there. And, in fact , I’d be helping to educate people and give them strategies for being healthier. When I first started eating better — after having had a major medical emergency, for one — I found that being sick allowed me to be very focused, and it’s been good training for this blog, too. Now I find, on a regular basis, that I am very focused and productive, and I believe that being sick gives me more energy to be productive. I was reminded of this recently while talking with a dear friend, and I felt my energy rise just talking to her about how I felt when I was sick. Her reply was “So you get less worried. You get very positive. And you’re just happy.” So in some ways, just being in a sick state is a very good way to be happy.

The “being sick” state is also very healthy. Not only are you happier when you are sick, you are more likely to take care of yourself in a very healthy way. You’re less likely to feel unwell or sick due to lack of sleep. You’re less likely to over-exert yourself and eat bad foods so that your body will burn out or fall apart. You’re more likely to take good care of yourself so that you are able to enjoy every bit of the experience, and, most importantly, you’re much more likely to enjoy what you put into your body. I think it is healthy to make room for what makes you most alive, and I think it’s great that I have found that eating healthier, being less stressed, and being much more content all come together into a recipe that is good for my body.

This, again, is because we are, as the saying goes, “in sickness and in health.” We are not defined in terms of a condition, but rather by the way we experience our body and our environment. In the words of Bill Clinton, “We’re all sick.”