Why Being Unapologetic Is A Great Advantage In Business

Why don’t we tell our boss, our company board or our customers about our plans? This is the difference between running a successful business and running a well intentioned one.

I am a very unapologetic person. I have never used the excuse of “I have a great idea but I forgot. I’ll talk to someone else. ” When it comes to running a well intentioned company, not only am I not going to forget to ask people to contribute to the work, I’m sure they’ll tell me about it. It goes back to the old saying, “There’s a few more yeses in the exact quote, but essentially, this is what the hippie in the movie Hair says when, in prison, he is being forced to get his hair cut.

I have run a number of businesses that failed. Some were just plain failures. A lot of them came back and tried again. Most of the failed businesses never returned. I can’t guarantee that these ideas will work out. I can’t guarantee that their employees aren’t going to find out. But if I can’t guarantee the failure, I won’t risk it. I won’t take that risk. I just don’t know enough yet to tell you that a business isn’t worth the risk.

This is why I always tell my startups that their biggest asset is a great idea.

So long as I’ve had my business I’ve been running it a different way. From startup to successful business to successful startup. The only thing I haven’t done is run a business that doesn’t succeed.

There are a few things that I do.  One of them is I do the following each Saturday.

I write blog posts.   I write blog posts every week. The posts are about business. I write about ideas, strategies, ideas about what I’m going to do in the next weeks.

My personal blog is “The Tasting Table” .  

Every week I write a “How A Startup Does It” post.

I try to write multiple posts the same week.

I try to keep my blog on topic, but I don’t spend a lot of time focusing on the technical stuff.

I try to keep my blog on topic for the startup community. I post at least twice a week.

The Tasting Table has become the home of the ideas that I’m most passionate about. I hope that it will become a place where I can learn and tell about the startup community. That I can give you ideas, ideas on strategy, ideas about how to run your business, and about the mindset of a startup.

It has allowed me to share ideas and help other people run a startup and make it succeed.

In my personal life I try to make the most of my time. It’s good to do something you’re passionate about.  I’m not an hourglass, but it is good to make the most of your time and space when on this planet.  I have managed to do that in the business world too. I have managed to work and manage people in some cases where I never really wanted to.  But the time, space, energy etc. is limited. And there really is not anything I can do about this.