Why Can’t Everyone Be Happy?

It seems everyone is searching for someone or something they can fall in love with. It’s a common need that most people are never happy with. The sad reality is everyone must get what they deserve…

For many of the same reasons they may get into fights with their co-workers or feel depressed about their relationship — whether love or career — they get to spend their days feeling like everyone around them is unhappy, frustrated or angry with them. I’ve known this to be true my entire life…

Sometimes this means they feel the need to take control over who is going to sleep at the other end of the office. This is often done in the form of “tough love” and the end result is that the employee will often go home more unhappy, frustrated and frustrated with his or her co-workers. Why can’t everyone be happy? When I was a manager at a large company we would use a very simple tactic to help our new hires get more sleep. The office of the building we were renting was quite large and our people often slept in the hallways from lunch to noon and back again. Our tenants were, and still are, not accustomed to people going home late; especially the new faces. The office staff found it so bothersome that they would regularly sleep in their shoes and jackets and we wouldn’t even have to wake them up. The problem was that every night before going to bed (and all throughout any day) you’d hear a voice in the hallway outside your door. “Goodnight. Have a nice day.” It was a very simple method but we found a lot of people would take to it and we all tried it and we all did. It did help a little (as far as sleeping by yourself in the hallways was concerned) but then again, maybe a little was always needed? When we moved on from that situation in the office, the new tenants found that their sleeping arrangements were never bothered by people outside; it was either a nice bed or by themselves. I don’t know if it was my tenants or an employee but that happened once a month and as I recall everyone got used to it. And then I started to find those voices in the hallways when the employees would be asleep. Sometimes, I’d hear about a dispute over some issue which was affecting everyone who worked there. The employees would hear it in the mornings after lunch. It was always very negative. And you can imagine how the tenants felt when they heard it. But when we moved to another building, the tenants had absolutely no problem sleeping there and it became a very normal thing for them to hear. As I recall, they also never heard it before I hired them. So the issue of people going home late was not a matter just for employees at this office. So why is it so common in our business world?

This sounds really basic. Well let’s talk about what we are finding. Many of us (and probably most people reading this page) have been in a “bad mood” all day long and we’ve just found that no one gets it. So we are going to take our frustrations out on our co-workers with a very “strong” but not necessarily harsh or angry tone. In addition, we’re not “angry at all.” We are not angry at anyone or anything at all; so we’re not feeling guilty or guilty at all. Why can’t everyone be happy?

What we are looking for is a simple problem to solve, something that our company does, something we can change and that will help our co-workers feel better.