Why Do People Try To Fool Us?

A few months ago I was talking to a friend about someone who was attempting to trick us all into doing something. The person had been doing it successfully for years at his/her workplace, with little to no effect in their job. I was a little curious, so I started reading. What I found stunned me.

This was the work of an undercover cop on the lam. I hadn’t read about that much in the news lately, but then I found out about undercover cop infiltrations. It makes me think about how often we try to fool others into doing something we wish they would do for us…in the name of science or a cause we love. But the reality is much different.

The real goal of the undercover cop is not to get you to act contrary to your will or to achieve your desired result. The undercover cop wishes to create a “condition” in you where you will act against your own self-interests. In other words they are manipulating you until you will do whatever they tell you.

This isn’t an issue with the police or the CIA. It’s the typical approach of most corporate and government entities. The corporate world knows they can get you to do things without you even know. The truth is we do all kinds of things because we want to, because we are afraid, or because it feels good. There is no way for the person manipulating you to control that decision. You get to choose your own values.

It is interesting how we tend to see things in these terms. “It feels good” is the primary motivation, often followed by a mix of self-preservation, ego, and the desire to do something “good”. I suspect most of us have been in the position of someone we are trying to get to do something they don’t want to do, or someone who is trying to manipulate you to do something they know is bad.

It might give us more clarity to understand how this works for those who really do try to fool us. Most of us don’t have the skill set to pull off these things. We don’t have the money and we don’t have the power. They can create the conditions enough so that even those who aren’t capable of doing something will still succumb to their wishes.

We may not see this, and it’s easy (and sometimes necessary) for us to not recognize how manipulative the people we interact with really are. It is important to ask ourselves whether our decision to do something in our self-interest would have been the same if we were just being honest. This seems impossible, right? But in my mind, it wouldn’t be and we wouldn’t do the things they want us to do.

How we respond to another person’s intentions is not the most important thing. Our response isn’t a question, but it is a challenge and one I would encourage all to face. We ask ourselves, “Am I willing to believe what that person tells me?” When we have faith in someone and don’t question them, or their motives, is when we get our freedom. This might sound strange, but it’s where our freedom is born.

What do you think? Has anyone ever been “undercovers” before? How did it feel? What happened? If this topic has been interesting to you, please comment below. Thank you for reading!

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