Why Do We Believe What’s False?

This episode focuses on why we believe what’s false and the way we can change our minds about what to believe. The episode is about the dangers of believing what one’s cultural group thinks is true — and how to make sure your beliefs are aligned with facts.

Every morning as I open my eyes I try to look into someone else’s eyes before I begin the day’s practice or practice that day. It’s a natural way to connect with someone and make a connection to another person or person’s journey on this planet. However, I also look at my environment. My morning routine takes up most of my time and I spend the last two hours of the day with just one eye open. The moment I start my day I focus on the words and images I see. In my mind I can see the past, the present and the future. In my mind I can see the people, places, things, and behaviors associated with this particular day, that I can create an intention to change or to follow through. But what if my mind, brain and body are a complex system. What if I’m not just looking out of my eyes. What if my brain and my body are a complex system. What if there are physical and mental forces that influence, affect and create my thoughts and values. These are just a few answers that I’ve found for myself and which have led me to the conclusion that a deeper change in consciousness may be possible. This is not an easy thing to achieve, but it is possible if we will make an intention to try.

As part of a week long meditation retreat I was on during the summer season, I had a long conversation with the teacher of my meditation group about my thoughts and views on the world. She told me how people have a lot of issues and a lot of baggage they carry that they carry with them even when they are on retreat. She described the experience of someone who is on the move, going to new places and new experiences, and being faced with new ideas and opinions. She also explained that the older he gets, the less he trusts the “old rules” or people. The more he sees life changing and the more he learns about reality, the more he is less concerned with “rules” and more focused on truth, right and good. She said what we are taught and what we think we will feel, what we think we will experience in our lives are just a few things he would want you to understand and appreciate at some point in your life. For some this may be a big thing and something you want to know a lot about, for others it may require a bit more awareness and awareness on their part. The teacher also said that you can’t really make changes unless you know yourself and that everyone should be able to feel the truth that is truth. If you know your own inner self well enough, you can then begin to ask the questions and examine the answers with an open mind. The more you can become aware of the answers, the less pressure you will have to follow the answers.

This series will focus on the ideas from some of our earlier episodes, but also explore the idea of awareness as a tool for finding and changing our beliefs. It will be an in-depth discussion of a variety of topics related to consciousness, mindfulness and the human. We’ll cover how to make an intention, how to have a deeper understanding of the beliefs you believe to be true, and how to bring awareness into the process to change your beliefs. I will be bringing many of the ideas from my previous episodes into this talk.

I think this is a great time to share the latest news on our progress. I recently published two articles in our new blog , “Reality Check” and “Change Your Mind” This is the third article in a series of six in the same blog. I also wrote an article in our new email newsletter , “How To Stop Being Controlled By Fear and Embrace Life’s Opportunities”, where I shared our progress as we work to shift our minds, bodies and communities. Both our new book, and our email newsletter “How To Change Your Mind” can be found at my blog: TruthSeeker’s Way . So far we are very excited about this project and hope that you will join us as we move forward and in the process of changing your minds.

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