Why Do We Get Fat? Can’t Tell Us Now

A lot of people think that if they knew it all they didn’t need to diet. But that’s crazy. We can’t know everything in life. A lot of good stuff happens when we don’t care whether or not we get fat.

We’re so scared of being fat that we don’t want to try new things. But if we don’t try new things, we’re bound to remain fat regardless of what we eat. Our brains are hardwired to avoid the pain of food intake. It’s like we’re addicted. In this lesson we will learn why fat exists and how to break this addictive cycle.

Step 2: What Causes Fat?

Okay, let’s assume that you really do know everything in the world in the most detailed way possible. If we do that and have this knowledge, then we can have a basic understanding of why eating fat causes problems. If you’ve ever followed a particular diet in the past, you realize that some diet worked for a while, but it all falls apart once you leave that diet.

Step 3: The Diet is Wrong

At this point you’re probably thinking “but this really has been working for me for years, it works for me.” The problem is you don’t know the cause of the problem. The diet will work, it will make you happy and thin. But you’re not the same person that you were before the diet.

Step 4: Change Your Behaviours

The thing that the diet fails to address is the problem we’ve had from the very beginning, our body’s response to the foods we eat. The main problem is not what food we eat, but what we do with the food we eat.

We make eating a way of life. But that’s the biggest problem we can never fix, because we know the difference between food we like and food we don’t like. We also know when we’re addicted to food. And then we wonder why we get fat.

Step 5: Why Do We Get Fat?

A lot of people think that their problem is simply they’re not hungry and so there’s nothing to be done. But that’s one of the worst things we can be doing, because hunger is a good indication that the body needs some energy. Your body knows when it’s full at which point it slows down and sends signals to your brain to stop making more insulin (the body’s main source of energy).

Step 6: Eat More! You know how people try to eat more? Well, they do eat enough. The trick is when they do eat so much, they usually just stop there. They give up and quit. This is very common with binge eaters.

You also need to do some self-love. If you don’t notice your body changing into something beautiful, then it’s not love for you. You also need to pay attention. Sometimes the right thing to do may seem weird or off a normal path, but remember what we always tell the folks on dieting, “The key is to listen to your body.” It can’t do it for you or you can’t know for sure your body is a mess until you let it eat properly.

So, there you have it. The 6 steps that lead you to becoming fit and healthy. And when you get out of the habit of being on diet or exercise, you’ll become happy and strong like everyone on Earth.