Why Do We Give Our Love Away?

The “love quotient” (Q factor) is the amount of energy and love we put into our relationships.

If we are truly happy to be in our lover’s life and if we are truly loving and giving, we don’t worry about how much energy they’re spending on us. We are the ones who make the energy and the love; we bring the energy and the love. When it comes down to it, it’s just about energy and love. There’s no shame in our love quotient. If anything, it should be celebrated.

We have two ways to measure our Q factor:

1. The amount of love we have for and do for others . And as a result of that love, are we able to love ourselves and others?

2. The value of our love. How much do we feel a bond with the ones that we give our love to?

This is the kind of love that I want. What do you do?

We don’t live in a society where we feel the need to be a “good” guy or a “good” gal. I do believe in a social contract that encourages us to see ourselves as individuals. We are all unique, and there’s no one way to be or to be happy. If you ever wanted to feel better about yourself, the best way to do so is to find a way to grow your character and your personal love quotient, not by taking that pressure off of yourself by being a good person to others. 

Love is a choice. We are responsible for choosing to be a good person to others. Let’s be responsible for the kind of love we give away. We are each responsible for our Q factor, in this way, and for the way that we use our love quotient.

Love is an act. Let’s give it away by loving ourselves and others. Let’s make it part of all of our decisions. Let’s use all of the qualities that we do have and that we are blessed with in our relationships to make us more of the people that we would like to be. So, it’s not really about relationships. It’s not really about dating. It’s about using the qualities that we have that we’re blessed with as an opportunity to become more, to grow as individuals to become more, to be more happy in our relationships, to be more, to be more loving.

What do other people think?

There are two ways in which people assess the level of relationship. From what you’re seeing on your partner’s face, what they are saying, what they’re thinking – you can make an assessment, a very accurate assessment . You can see if you’re creating enough of the “love quotient” for them. If you’re creating the love quotient in your relationship, you’ve created an opportunity for them to grow and make a move. But if you’re not creating the love quotient, and you’re not creating the opportunities for them to grow, they might conclude that they’re not compatible.

So do our actions, or the lack of actions of other people, make us the least like the people we are with? So, if you’re sitting with your girlfriend, and you can observe that she is having feelings of love for you every time you touch her head, what happens if you tell her “No.” Would she say “I love you,” or would she say “No”? A person can say “No” in various ways and still have a loving relationship.