Why Do We Have Such A Hard Time Seeing Yourself?

You don’t have a perfect picture of your body just because it’s blurry. Your face is the sum total of everything from your hair, make-up, clothes, to your environment.

Why do we have such a hard time seeing ourselves? The problem is that there are certain things in our life that have been designed to make us constantly feel ashamed of our bodies. These things include the media, our own inner critic, our self-esteem, our own insecurities, family, friends, peers, parents, teachers, church, etc. When we try to see who we really are, this is what we’re left with: A perfect, blurry, boring picture of ourselves. And not only do we have to deal with this image itself, but the messages we receive about our value, purpose, and value system.

Let’s take a real-life example. In one study , a group of women saw one of three pictures. One of these women was asked, “Do you feel good about your body?” The other two images showed the same woman, but in each picture she was wearing a very different, low-cut top. She was a “slut” in one of the pictures, who just ate cookies and watched TV, in the other two pictures the woman was wearing a “good job” top, with the “femme fatale” top. The third picture, the one that wasn’t taken from a magazine or a computer monitor that might be different due to a lot of “blurring” and “blurring”, shown the same woman in jeans with a “pretty face” (this picture used to have a picture of her on the cover of a beauty magazine, and it shows how the image that was taken of her is still altered to make her look as “nice and innocent” as possible – the images on either side of it is a “femme fatale picture”, showing her looking very, very seductive and powerful – the final image shows what has been changed to make her look very, very unattractive to many viewers) When you see this woman in one of these three pictures, what do you think you’ll feel about yourself? Do you feel good about yourself? That might be what the first woman in the study would have felt when seeing that sexy, sexy woman wearing the kind of clothes that made her feel like a prostitute and she was the slut. The last woman in the study might have felt a little better about herself, even though she’s a real person with a life of her own and her own aspirations and goals, who happens to be in the same situation that these images were created for. This might have made her feel more powerful, more powerful of a woman, and it might have made them feel good about her as well, since it’s likely that many women are more into these “sluts” than these “beautiful, innocent” women. The thing is, these women in the study were all “experts” on these issues, just like the group of women reading this article. It’s very likely that the “experts” were also influenced by these images in their views on themselves. And this, my friends, is how our world actually works. Most people just don’t have an accurate image of who they are in our society, and they’re not aware of the impact we’re using them to create.

If you’re ready, let’s get started. Remember that the more you use your insecurities and self-doubt, the further you push yourself in these places. The last image is a perfect example. The last woman in the study, when she saw herself in these pictures, saw a very unattractive woman with a pretty face who looked seductive, and it was enough to push her far into this, this self-denial or self-negation of self that she probably didn’t even know she could go deeper through it.