Why Do We Keep Using The Same Old Cures?

When we’re sick, we need to eat nutritious food and exercise. Yet we keep relying on medication and prescriptions that don’t work well. Why? Some believe that we’ll become dependent on them. So they stay in our medicine cabinets, making us even sicker and sicker.

This is a subject I have never understood, but I know that I am one who has been ill for a long time. In some cases, as a matter of fact, I’ve survived all my life just because I knew I had better medicines in my medicine cabinet or on the counter, if I ever needed medical care. I just avoided certain places and areas when I used those remedies. What am I missing?” It’s probably the same reason many of us use the same products and medicines from the pharmacy each day, even as we keep using new ones that seem to work better. It could be something as simple as a lack of understanding of medicine. I have a friend who has had to take pills every morning. He said that he only gets up at 7:30 am from work, and has pills all through the day. That’s a bit hard to understand.

I have had some of the same experience. I’ve only been ill for about 3 months now, so maybe I’ll start making the connection soon. In that period I’ve been taking prescription medicine that I wasn’t paying for and I was making myself get up at the right time to take them. Maybe that’s just because I had no understanding of medicine. And as a doctor (and at least once as an adult) I have no doubt that I have had some understanding of medicine. But I also have had some very bad experiences with medications and medicines in general.

A lot of people have been told that because they’re on medication they’re not going to get sick anymore. “Oh, you have to take this medication, it’s going to be okay.” That’s the message our society has been sending for thousands of years. As a doctor I often see that message still. That medication will put you away healthy – not sick. My prescription is for Advil – I know that’s something that’ll work. It may be the same for you and your friends – it may be just one of the “magic” ingredients that make your life go smoothly. I can’t help you any more than that. You have to use your best judgment if something doesn’t work. But most pharmaceutical companies make their products for a reason. They are making them for people with different kinds of problems and different kinds of symptoms. Maybe your symptoms are not quite the same as that of someone suffering from a disease. But, if we were to ignore this, and just take those that work, it would be bad for you and worse for the people who rely on you! It’s very important that we understand these facts and make the right decision when it comes to our health.

I just wish that all healthcare providers would get better, faster, and stop trying to give us “magic” drugs. We may get a drug that makes you sicker, but if it works for a while, we’ll learn to take it longer, and when that happens, we’ll stop taking it as often! We have too much at stake in our health, and a loss of it could mean the difference between life and death. I’d like to hear more about how you think about medicines and illness.