Why Do We Seek Happiness?

This is probably the most powerful question to ask yourself right now in your 20’s and 30’s and beyond, and I wanted to write a guide on how one can master this question and become less focused on negative emotions. In addition to addressing the fact that happiness isn’t a number or a number alone, we also address the fact that happiness isn’t the primary goal of life. Rather, it is our awareness and consciousness that determines the nature of our life.

We can become more content and find peace with ourselves, but not because we are so happy. Rather, it has to do with the fact that we are willing to be in the present moment and mindful. We can cultivate greater consciousness in order to be in more direct harmony with the present moment.

This is the beginning of a new chapter, and a much larger story exists when we examine this question.

It has to do with your relationship with others. We are all in this together and as individuals we must make decisions in order to lead our lives. What happens first will directly impact how we move forward in life and what we pursue, so that is something we must focus on. But to focus only on the negatives is a mistake, because that only reinforces the negative emotions and that is ultimately not good at all.

I also want to address the issue of whether or not everyone can be happy. People might disagree with this concept, but it is true that happiness can be found in many different levels of society. For example, I’m not happy at work, but I still have no problem at all talking to my coworkers. I’m not a very happy person in public, but I’m fine walking around and interacting with other people. For my friends, I might not have the deepest connection, but I am still fun to spend time with.

So even though we all may have different answers to the aforementioned question and there are a variety of ways to achieve positive emotions, we can all find a form of happiness whether or not we are happy at work, or at home, or in public.

All we can do is be ourselves with a focused approach, and that will lead to the right life and path for us.

“Be the best version of themselves they can be, and they will be the best versions of everyone they come into contact with.” -Dr. Robert Glover

For some, it might be a little harder to understand this, and you may feel the need to focus on an end goal, to look at the stars and say, “I don’t ever want to be a bad person,” even if that is really not what is happening. I have heard several times from people that focus on negative emotions causes them to feel horrible inside, and that was never the intention in the first place, so if someone is saying that you want to be happy, just focus on that and let life flow.

For any of us reading this guide, it might be a little harder to see it from the outside, but we can all find a happy balance with ourselves.

One of the greatest rewards is coming upon a moment in life and having that happiness.