Why Do We Think Everything We Do Is Bad?

When you think everything you do is bad, it prevents you from doing anything that is not only good but might be great. You have to learn to see that everything comes with an expiration time, and the more you take action, the more time and opportunities you have to see things from a new, better perspective and take action on that first chance you get.

There’s a good chance you know that your brain and conscious mind are responsible for nearly everything you do. You just might not know how much. There is much more, though. Our body is also responsible for virtually all decisions that we make each and every day, though the choices we make in the brain probably make up just 10 to 30 percent. What we really control are our thoughts and emotions, our behavior, and our actions. We control our body.  We can’t tell our body to do absolutely anything—unless, of course, we want to see what happens when the brain does. And then we might find that we just couldn’t do that, either. I’ve also been able to observe a group of people who are working together to build a new society. I’ve been in that group. What is surprising is that it takes many, many years before they are finally free of their brainwashing and can see things clearly and with complete clarity. You’ll find that in many ways, you have to be in that “group” and experience the world in order to fully understand it. We live in a society which, while it might seem like everyone is doing well right now, has been slowly but surely being taken apart piece by piece by those who hold the power.

How It Begins to Work

If all this sounds like we’re simply going through a simple phase-shift in consciousness and learning to walk and chew gum once again, it could be because we are. We’ve already done it once before. But we were taught not to look hard or question. We were told that if we asked any questions, we would be taken in for all sorts of horrible things and be ostracized—and they were right about that. If we didn’t think we were going to make it, in many cases we did make it, but it was not by thinking or questioning and growing from our experiences. The process of shifting from ignorance to insight can take a long time. It can be very gradual, if you just don’t ask questions at all. If you do and make lots of mistakes, you are going to need to do a great deal of questioning to see why you did them and to grow from them.

For many years, though, that very slow and gradual process was happening. And then along came a group of people who had been taken in and taught that questioning was bad and that they didn’t have to think, and they wanted to see the truth for themselves. Suddenly, after a lot of years of that being kept from them, they had to question and grow from their mistakes. Instead of simply reacting, they were allowed to make plans and plans were made accordingly. That was when the change happened. But some have found that the process is taking far longer than that. The reality is that the more you have to learn, the more you will have to be critical of what you learn and the more the system will eventually be dismantled. As for me, I have begun to take a more active role in doing that—and for good reasons.

What does it mean, then, to live under conscious control on a daily basis? Well… I can’t tell you exactly yet. But I think you will find that the changes are coming slowly and gradually and may not all be obvious. Perhaps, the way to keep up with all the changes and change will be to do an experiment for yourself and see if you can make more progress on the days of your choice than the other days. In the meantime, though, you can keep your mind free from the negative beliefs and continue to let those negative thoughts enter into your consciousness and out of your mind before you notice them. The rest of us won’t notice them, but they will certainly be making the other people around you in your surroundings aware of those negative thoughts. Of course, we all need to keep our minds in a healthy state every breath we take, and when we are stressed, hungry, tired, and all sorts of other things will happen to our brains. It’s the normal processes of the human body that will keep most of us running smoothly and healthy. But it’s in our choice of what to do with this new information that is changing our reality and putting us all together as one mind in one body. When we allow the thoughts and the mental processes to change, if we can remember to do that every few days, we can have the very best possible chance at experiencing our lives in total clarity.