Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

Makeup has its place within a woman’s appearance, but not when it takes away from a woman’s natural beauty or the essence of that woman. I would suggest: Never remove makeup. When our beauty is the core of us, we are whole.

Never remove makeup. When our beauty is the core of us, we are whole. For me, the moment I see makeup on or feel my beauty was diminished by makeup, I look down at myself, see the rest of me still healthy and beautiful, and begin to feel that somehow, I had lost something. Because it took away something, I’ve forgotten the real me — the beauty that is inherent in each woman.

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I see women wearing Makeup all the time, so I can see why many people hate it. A lot of times, a woman’s beauty is tied in with her style. However, with so much makeup out there, I feel like the woman is more of a victim than the person wearing the makeup. 

A lot of women don’t realize that makeup can actually make a woman look better. I used to think it ruined the makeup, but now I know that it compliments the makeup. I feel like I have more confidence and I am more beautiful with makeup on. Sometimes I think that I have some control over where the makeup goes, as I never wore make up or had a nose job. A little bit before I started working on my nose, I used foundation and I never knew, when I was looking at myself, how my skin would look with makeup.

It’s amazing how a little bit of makeup makes a big difference in your appearance.

I think makeup can be a positive thing or a negative thing. I think a lot of makeup is sold as something that makes a woman look “hot” or “hotter,” which I disagree with because you can never be in the spotlight with makeup on. I wear makeup on a regular basis, but never for the sake of being pretty. The makeup looks good for me, so I’m not looking for it to feel good or to attract anyone’s attention. It’s supposed to feel good and for me to feel beautified when I put it on, I know that’s right by me.

I am glad to see the makeup movement growing, as we can all make ourselves beautiful and look more beautiful without any makeup. There are so many companies out there that are selling products all around the world, so people who are starting to wear make up and those who don’t are starting to find it beneficial and look great in all different ways.

My advice to women is to trust yourself. Do what feels right for you and you won’t be disappointed. Makeup is always an experience, I always take my time when I put on make up and I am aware of my skin and how it may come across. I get compliments all the time, and it makes my skin feel so much better, and makes me feel more confident, which in turn makes me feel good. So my advice would be trust your beauty and make yourself beautiful, your way!

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