Why Do You ‘doing’ A Task? You’d Be Able To Do It In Minutes, And Not Like You’re Doing It?

If you did not feel ‘doing’ something, you’re not really doing it. It’s easy to think that our job, or our obligations, are more important than our happiness. And if you’re feeling happy, you’re doing something wrong.

I’ve been doing this for many years now. It is my practice to give myself and my family just enough time and effort, with a very large amount of positive feedback. It’s an ongoing cycle of doing as much a day as I can. And I’m in no way ‘doing’ too much or too little. I’m just ‘taking care of my life.

When my kids were little, when we started to prepare for a big move, when we started to take things to the next level, it was not a problem. I didn’t look like a ‘life-saver.’ No one expected me to come up with a new strategy for solving our problems. I’ve always been the one that takes care of my life.

Even if I hadn’t made a special trip to the bathroom, it was not necessary to bring back from work this funny, ‘must-see’ video. I already did that at home.

At work, we also started to take our responsibilities seriously. And when they weren’t doing well, we became more and more involved in the situation, doing more and more everything that needed to be done. In some work situations, it became impossible to make progress unless we worked with an extremely motivated and competent supervisor. This type of supervisor really didn’t allow them to make mistakes. (Sometimes there were moments when he, too, did work without proper supervision. But even we realized that it wasn’t that easy.)

That type of supervisor was not always available. Sometimes the problems were too big. He, too, needed more and different skills. He needed to see all the possibilities and take decisions that were not common in this type of job.

Another day, I was helping one of the supervisors at work when an amazing thing happened: an emergency situation developed with one of the company’s main clients. The client was waiting for a big presentation to be made by a top company representative. The client asked me to deliver it to them. Before that, the client had invited a couple of our ‘top experts’. We were expecting the presentation to take an hour and a half. My supervisor gave me orders to do some quick preparation of the presentation in the office, in the morning, when it would actually be made. I was supposed to leave this evening after some hours.

So I went home from work, told my husband (who was asleep in the same room), and I got into my car. With my laptop, I loaded up the videos stored on SD cards. (They were all taken, but I found them in my car, and then copied them onto my computer and onto the SD card.)

In the morning, I went to my room and watched the videos. At the end, I looked around my room and realized that everyone, including the people in my own family, were sitting around talking, and it was almost as if they had waited for me to come home. I was extremely excited and felt great gratitude to everyone that had joined me. And that was it. My life got more and more interesting.

You should not get into the habit of comparing your personal life to the happiness of others, unless you have the good will, patience, and skills to handle both happiness and challenges on your own. But as long as you’re able to be happy in your own life, then you might benefit from knowing that the other person is having problems that may make them sad or depressed because that may be why they are ‘taking time off’ from their life.