Why Doctors Are The Worst Doctors On The Planet

Doctors don’t get much deserved praise, but a good doctor is good at what makes them good at what they do. If you wanted to kill all the doctors and replace them with people who actually were good at what they did, you’d have a perfect world.

The health profession has always had more than its due to our country’s need for doctors . Doctors provide a very valuable service to the healthcare industry. A doctor’s primary responsibility, is care, compassion, empathy and care. A doctor who was truly caring would have to care about everything beyond their own ego. A doctor who is truly compassionate would be empathetic to the condition of others with the same amount of caring as the doctor treats the patient. A doctor who genuinely cared would be able to empathize with a patient’s condition beyond the scope of their own concerns. It should be possible for a doctor to have these qualities with a few simple training classes. Doctors are trained to think like the CEO of a business . They are trained to make money their first priority. They are trained to be a part of a big corporation. A business who isn’t caring about its bottom line should be concerned with everything but the bottom line. One must always question the mission and philosophy of one’s medical school, medical school program/research, pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical company profits, the CEO of a corporation, and corporate philosophy.

Some doctors, just not all doctors, actually live above and beyond these standards, and we have the problem of the medical industry. Because they exist above and beyond these standards, I wonder why they need such high qualifications to be effective and skilled doctors. I mean, when you want to live above and beyond these standards, why does your university need such a high degree to get in? It’s very hard to get into any medical school if you don’t get into one of the very few high schools that are considered prestigious. A number of these schools won’t even admit you if you don’t have the first in your family to achieve the degree. These schools are actually a disgrace to the highest degree. They treat the students like animals that haven’t gotten the respect their parents got. They treat the students like they didn’t get a job and they don’t deserve a job. You’ve got to take it in the neck. Even in the best case scenario, you’ve got to work for a school that will take all your hard work and give you a degree. In the worst case, you’re going to have your own tuition paid for out of pocket by the institution you’re getting your training in. It’s simply not good enough for these institutions to be respected like they are. Their arrogance is astounding. I’m sure the president of a medical institution doesn’t think of himself as a great person. A doctor of any profession who thinks themselves better at this job than the average person simply doesn’t belong in any job.

For example, Dr Michael Osterberg , MD, of Boston Children’s Hospital was fired from his position as chief of pediatric residency training and education by the new head of the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care System. Osterberg’s resignation was precipitated by his refusal to allow a group of medical residents to share a conference floor with more experienced residents. He refused to permit them to work on the same floors where more experienced residents were working. They were allowed to attend one of four other residency training conferences, instead, the medical residency program. This was an issue that had been raised for at least two years over the years, during which time the residency program did little to address the issues with the doctors on the floor. During a heated meeting Dr. Osterberg threatened to resign. The conference had only moved to a different floor for a few months previously and Dr Osterberg was concerned that this move was causing his job to become unmanageable. Dr Osterberg is a doctor. I would bet his resume was excellent and that he had a number of accolades for both his work as a physician and also his work in the pediatric field. If he were to have been fired from a job solely over his refusal to allow a group of physicians the same accommodations for a conference that was already held on the same floor as their more experienced colleagues, that’s a big red flag. However, after his resignation, the school decided to rehire Osterberg. The school didn’t have to rehire him because of his resignation. I guess that his behavior was so horrendous that they needed to rehire him.