Why Getting Older Is Different For Lawyers

When I was young and living in the legal world, it was considered normal to move around by train when visiting other countries.

Many of my friends back home still do not go out of their way to see the world beyond their community. My colleagues in my firm travel great distances around the globe to visit clients. They take the train just as much as we do because it offers us the flexibility and flexibility of traveling long distances.

And now that they are adults they are more likely to stay in the same place than their young counterparts. And the reason is not because they hate it or not want to travel, it’s because they have not yet mastered the need to travel far, or long, distances to go to court.

It’s a cultural aspect that we don’t fully understand until we are older.

And so, for our younger colleagues traveling far and traveling long distances is something that we have not practiced, yet in some way we do it even though we have not yet done it. We do and have always done it because we are not comfortable traveling long distances, and we are not comfortable not going wherever a case might be pending.

So while in legal life, it is accepted to be a frequent traveler and a frequent foreign visitor and it is not surprising that travel to law school is not a high priority for those people, the fact is, that as an adult we are often uncomfortable with being away from home unless we really have to be there.

In short, what I said before is true for the law school graduates in this group as well for people who have already graduated from law school.

And that is where I would like to draw your attention to two points.

First, we all have this tendency to travel a lot. Even lawyers who have grown up with the legal system and have gotten used to the idea of “home” may tend to travel frequently. Even young lawyers who are not new to the law may travel a great deal as they develop their lives.

And they travel to stay close to home, to help people, to be helpful, to work, to be a part of their community, and to be involved.

But when traveling it is natural to get tired and to need time off. It is natural to feel the urge to travel, however, it is necessary to avoid those situations when you feel tired from traveling or if you are already physically well enough.

And, of course, we must never travel if we do not have the ability.

In short, travel should be a natural part of a lawyer’s life. We should do it when we want, however we should never travel if we do not feel strong enough to do it, and we should never do it without the need, the need of the country, of the person, of the need of the cause, of the task. And if we travel without the will to, we will simply be a burden to our clients, to our fellow citizens, and to ourselves.

The second reason for what I said is much more significant for my young colleagues who are growing up. It is all about their future.

As lawyers, many of us come from families in which our parents’ home is a constant place where we spend time with our siblings and neighbors. And, of course, it is important for us to spend time with family and close friends.

In other words, our family’s physical place is where we live and it is where we return when we retire. It is our home.

As lawyers, we need to know that the next generation of lawyers will come from similar places as we do.