Why I Became A Professional Weight Loss Coach

It’s simple. I like to help people who are trying to lose weight and have found that being helpful is much more fulfilling than telling them they’re doing wrong. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist. I’m simply a person who cares about people and wants to help them succeed in their goals and lives.

I’m Michael Brown, an athletic fitness specialist, life coach and author at MJ Brown Nutrition Coaches . I started working with clients after going through a very challenging period of time and making some very big changes in my life. I started as an affiliate and worked my way up through to working with the people who run for a living and who are also successful in the sport. I became very proficient at coaching clients during my own workouts as well as after my own workouts on an individual level by giving them the freedom to do what they are good at – be it running in the mountains or hitting the gym on a regular basis – while having more time to spend with their family and more time to pursue their goals.

How to Lose Body Mass and Look Awesome While Having the Ability to Run Stronger and Faster While Exercising More

I’m not a nutritionist, doctor, psychologist or anything else. I simply want to help people become more healthy from day one. There are more of us than there are of us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to take some weight off a client’s waist. I think it’s important for people to take responsibility for how much they are eating and for a while no one was making an issue out of it. It’s no surprise by now you’ve read several posts in this blog and know from personal experience that I’m in this for the long haul.

This Blog’s Purpose:

The purpose of this blog is to offer you the latest and greatest in weight loss information. The purpose of this blog is to provide you with accurate information on how to achieve and maintain the weight loss we all deserve. My belief is that if you have health issues that require you to lose weight, it’s not fair for your health insurance to deny you. You pay to buy insurance and what you buy is for emergencies only. Your health insurance is meant for you, not for other people. As an individual who does not believe in the whole “do what you’re good at – be yourself” concept, I feel it’s unfair that insurance companies want to deny me access to help.

I believe that you deserve to have your insurance coverage be for the best care possible. My goal with this blog is to provide you information that can improve your life and help you find the freedom and ability to not be bogged down by issues not related to your health.

What the Insurance Companies don’t want you to know:

There are several companies who want you to believe this – the insurance companies. You will find me and other trainers and scientists out at events, on the phone, and in emails to insurance companies and doctors and other government entities. I’ve made so many phone calls that insurance companies were going “we’re sorry no we don’t do that for you”, “that would really hurt my bottom line”. Well, my bottom line is just as important as anyone else’s. What it means to me is if I have helped and helped people get help, it’s about the same as if I helped them and they ended up losing 20 pounds. Well, it really doesn’t make any sense to me if the insurance is going to say it doesn’t care about your health when the other people who have helped you could lose their life. You deserve the best health care. You deserve to not have your insurance coverage denied because of your “healthy lifestyle”. You deserve to find out about different options and different kinds of doctors who can help you.

Most of this is stuff my family has researched and come to the conclusion that it’s best to avoid insurance companies. No, my family has never been in the type of trouble that has caused me to get in trouble with the insurance companies, but things are more complicated than that. These days, I am one of the few people running a business that’s not part of the healthcare industry. You can imagine how this makes me feel about getting sued for “doctor shopping”.

How To Lose Body Mass and Feel Better While Thriving On New Training Equipment And Supplements If you’re on a weight-loss journey and you are finding it difficult to stick with your new eating and training routine, don’t worry. This post will provide basic information on how to lose weight while enjoying the benefits of new training equipment and supplements. I’ll be talking about the five basic steps to a successful weight-loss program here. Before You Begin I’d like to say that most of the information in this website is based on my own experiences and research. You’ll definitely find more information on this site if you keep an eye out for me by searching for me.