Why I Believe In A World Without Violence

Violence is an unnecessary, irrational and devastating part of our lives. Whether it be war or domestic violence, violence is an unnecessary evil. The truth is, violence can’t exist without violence. Violence is the natural product of a system that promotes it.

One of the most devastating truths of this planet is that, for the past 10,000 years or longer humanity has been fighting to maintain the illusion that we are the absolute masters of this planet and its inhabitants; but we are not. The earth is so incredibly resilient, and so far beyond our comprehension that anything that we do is so incredibly trivial compared to how it can all be lost and how little control we really have. Violence is the symptom of a sickness that must be addressed so that it might be cured.

We now have the technology and means to address violence, but it has not been implemented. We must implement violence as a solution to the very root of the problem without violence itself. That means, if we want to end violence in the world, we need to do it all at once. In today’s world you can start with the mental health issue by talking with people who suffer from mental illnesses, or you can start with the physical health issue by reducing carbon emissions.

We need to put a stop to violence, and all the pain and suffering it causes and prevent it from ever happening again. In this way, we can start to eliminate what’s wrong with this world.

“It’s not what you say it is that counts, it’s what comes out of your mouth that changes the world” ― Mahatma Ghandi

The following is my list of “Why I Believe in a World Without Violence” followed by a list of “What I Can Do to Create A Better World”. I know each of these are important, but they require immediate action, as well as a desire and commitment to the problem. If you’re curious about a specific topic I’ve already covered or what I’ve done in the past, I’ve given you a “Background” section to see the actual content. We’ll dive into these in more detail later. So…what do I believe in and how do we change the world?

5 Reasons I Believe in a World Without Violence

1) We Are All More Responsible Than We Think We Are

The problem with today’s world is not that men and women are violent, but that we don’t really want to be. We are driven by a fear that we are so afraid of hurting another person that we are willing to hurt each other. That is so incredibly destructive, and it’s something that must be addressed to bring about lasting change.

If you think about it, as an adult you are already responsible for making sure that your child doesn’t kill and you are responsible for making sure that your spouse doesn’t hurt or kill themselves. When these two goals don’t exist any longer there can be no responsibility, and there can be NO peace. We are the creators of this planet, not some kind of cosmic entity that is responsible for its existence, so how can we make sure it is happy?

The greatest weapon ever created is Love. We are made to love someone just as much as we are made to hate them. There is so much to learn through love, but all the love that there ever will be must be created in our hearts and minds; it comes from within. Love is our greatest tool, the greatest strength, and the greatest weapon of understanding.

2) We Do Not Understand Death: It Is The Beginning of Life

I can’t say this enough: life is more than a mere moment-to-moment existence. It is the beginning of a journey. Life is not only a moment in time, but every moment from that moment onward may be a moment of our life.

It is not the mere fact that death is inevitable, that a person may die at any moment.