Why I Believe In The Value Of Music More Than Exercise

We’re all so different and we have so many desires and preferences. We want the comfort of music, we want the convenience of exercise, we want the excitement of the chase. We want a specific type of music, type of dance, style of food. But when we start to connect these different desires to specific things in our lives, we realize that music is much more than just a means of communication — it is a way to channel our innermost and most powerful desires.

For many of us, fitness means nothing but losing fat. But fitness as a goal is meaningless if the only goal is a thin frame. The idea of a life that you can live is much more than a few pounds of fat loss. There is meaning to our bodies (health, pleasure, fulfillment, creativity, and many, many more), and we want to find and channel our own personal power with music.

The most powerful thing we ever do with our bodies is to be who we are and move through the world in pursuit of happiness. To be a living manifestation of the creative power of a human being. So why wouldn’t that resonate with us? We’re all looking for answers to those questions, and music is one of the ways.

This is why so many of us enjoy listening to music while we workout. We hear the words and they carry us to the places that we would never find with our bodies. A song, a story, maybe even a little song or poem in the car ride to the gym, to bring us back to a simpler time before, or even since, we started going to the gym.

Many of us have been in situations in the fitness industry where we have had to listen to a bunch of commercial music on a CD. There really isn’t any good reason that commercial music is so ubiquitous in the fitness industry. It is annoying and it drives fitness and all activities in the gym from having any value by removing any opportunity to channel our personal energy.

For many of us, music is a way to give us back that feeling of creative, spontaneous exploration. Something that we use to fill a hole in our life. Something that brings us back to the world before we got distracted by the demands of our busy schedules or our own insecurities. If only we could just turn off the music and listen to other people who are just as happy and energetic as we are…

For some of us, music is more than just a way to channel our creative energy. Music is an escape. Some of us want that escape to get away from all the demands that life throws at us. Some of us have been to many different places in the world, and we wish we could go to some less busy places or more quiet places in this world. Some of us just want to hear the sound of people playing the guitar or singing. Some want to hear the melody of a song or the rhythm of a drum. Some want to hear the sound of a fire burning, the music of nature, or even a waterfall. When all of these things come into the mix together, we want to take part of that.

There is beauty and joy in the simple things in life. Sometimes when you stop to really listen, you just can’t find that with your senses alone. So when you put all that together, you notice that the sound is coming from somewhere deep inside yourself — the sound of the strings on that guitar, the sound of the people singing, the sound of the birds or the breeze playing in the trees. And the song resonates with you. It takes you right there. So what’s the point of all this? When all of that is happening in you or on your body, what’s the point of continuing to live the way you have always lived because the music will take care of the rest?

What we’re trying to do in this project is reach out to people who are looking for that same peace of mind that we had all those years ago.

With your generous donations, we will be able to record a live album.