Why I Choose To Get In My Own Way

You can’t control what’s going to happen to you in this life; and you cannot control whether you will get into a situation that will prove to be good or bad. The main thing you can control is where you choose to put your own selfish needs at the forefront of that.

I am a firm believer in the power of self-control. I am a believer that you can control how you react to situations in your life, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish and no matter how much power you have. To me, “self-control” is a key thing that has to be learnt and cultivated, because it is the key to developing the inner and outer peace that is the secret ingredient that can unlock success in this world. It is a gift, like everything else; one must choose to keep it for themselves and accept the responsibility of accepting it, no matter how overwhelming and overwhelming the temptation is to let it go.

You can’t control the way you react to things, whether that’s how you respond when it’s raining or you’re going through a rough time in your life or how you react when you come across someone you like, but you can control how you react when you put your own needs on the back burner: your own selfish needs. One, you are in a situation where you must deal with someone else’s needs. And two, your selfish needs aren’t what’s important here, but what you choose to put them at the centre before you start to get any results out of it.

So, the question I asked myself when I came across this interview:

Do I really want to get involved with my girlfriend’s business?

And the answer is a resounding YES! I want to get involved with my partner’s business, but not at the expense of her or anyone else. Do I care enough and want to be a part of all of things? And yes, I want to get involved with her business. And yes, I want to be in control of my emotions and not react to them in any way. But I also don’t want to get in my own way and be that annoying person who gets too attached to this stuff: the person who’s constantly getting into fights, who can’t handle her emotions, whose heart leaps at the first thing she sees, etc.

That’s the trick: be there when it’s time to be there, but not at the expense of anyone else. Be someone that can put your own emotional needs into consideration, but also accept that other people’s needs will be taken into consideration as well; they can give you advice and support too. Do your best to put yourself first and to be the kind of person who can handle things on a personal level. I know that is an overwhelming task and one that can easily go wrong, and it will go wrong at times. At those times try to remember the things that I’ve mentioned and try to do all that you can to be the sort of person that you want to become, the person that you want to give this gift of experience to. It’s your choice, but please have the ability to let others know when you’re making mistakes and be open enough to let them know what you can do to improve. I am glad to help.